Wednesday, September 23, 2009

HOLY CRAP!!!!! Jorge, you're in for a boat load of fun!!!!!!

I got a bug up my ass today to go down to the halls of justice and see what I could find on those names I mentioned a few days back. I went up to the ninth floor, gave the clerk the case numbers that I was able to find and in short order they pulled the files I had requested. Rather than give me the files though, they locked me in a 6 x 12 room then passed the files through a window. I guess they wanted to make sure I didn't leave the room with any papers, let me tell you WHAT A $HITTY SMELLING ROOM! God, the funk was so bad in that room, I had a hard time concentrating! After getting acclimated to the horrific funk, I settled down and started going through what turns out to be Miami Dade County's Mortgage Fraud Task Force Case #1!! My lord what a case! This one involves some SERIOUS misconduct on behalf of attorney David Rodriguez, who closed the transaction in question, this one wasn't investigated by the likes of Jorge Baluja, no sir! This case was done from the ground up by none other than the #2 man in the Mortgage Fraud Task Force!!! Sergeant Richard Davis! The same Sgt Davis that teaches the task forces detectives all about mortgage fraud during their task force training. Let me tell you boys and girls, this guy did a hell of a job, he even went so far as to pose under cover as the seller's accountant! This case is full of juicy tidbits but before I write about what I read in the arrest affidavit, I'm going to let the attorney that was arrested have a chance at telling his story. I've emailed him several times to no avail, if I don't hear from him, I'll go ahead and post the arrest affidavits and let them speak for themselves. I must say the Sgt. Davis, NICE WORK!

After I spent a few hours going through a couple of other cases that the Mortgage Fraud Task Force had prosecuted, I somehow got the idea to go ahead and see if they'd give me the file on the Bernardo Barrera mortgage fraud case, I mean why not? I'm already here! I fill out the papers, then am greeted with two huge folders full of paper work! GOOD LORD! I then start going through the piles of papers in the files then realize I HAD HIT THE DAMN JACKPOT! Included among these files were three transcripts of the witnesses that had been deposed to date by the defense attorneys! HOLY CRAP! The first one I pick up reads:
OH MY GOD!!! I spent another two hours pouring over this transcript, I was left SPEECHLESS! If our loyal readers think that what we've uncovered about the good detective on the Straw Buyer was bad, you guys have no idea what's in those transcripts! Lets just say that what we've shown isn't even the tip of the iceberg. I don't know if it's kosher to reproduce the contents of the transcript here, I don't want to potentially hurt the defense so I'll hold off on posting whats there until a later date. If curiosity has the best of you though, go over to the 9th floor in the criminal courthouse, go to the records department and ask for case # F08-36522B. I promise its going to be worth your while. I can't begin to describe what kind of fail is in that transcript, its simply beyond comprehension, I'll give you guys a little teaser. Can you imagine during the deposition, Detective Baluja couldn't figure out where Doral is located? Here's Jorge being asked a question about the Doral Police station:

Jorge, let me help you out here. The Doral substation has never been part of the City of Miami Police department, as far as I know, Doral has never been within the city limits of the City of Miami. I'll go a little further, you work for the MIAMI DADE POLICE DEPARTMENT, take a look outside your office, you'll see white, green and gold cars that look like this:

If Doral was in the City of Miami, when you looked out the window, you'd see a bunch of blue and white cars that looked like this:

Jorge, the mayor of the county that you work for looks like this:

Now, if Doral was located in the City of Miami, the mayor would look like this:

Is that clear Jorge? I though Detective Baluja not being able to figure out how to execute his own mortgage was bad, that's nothing compared to not knowing where the FCUK your office is! I wish I could say that this depo was all fun and games but its not. What I read in that depo is an insult to all the good, hard working cops out there. Based on what I found in the file it looks like Detective Baluja took some liberties with the facts, not unlike what he did in the Blanton Harris accident investigation, even better, when asked about said accident investigation, HE LIED ABOUT IT! From what I see Jorge, I would suggest planning a new career, your days as a cop are numbered buddy! You can take that $hit right to the bank!

I promise our readers an in depth study of Mortgage Fraud Task Force Arrest #1 over the next few days, both in how the police handled the case and how the State Attorney prosecuted the case. Interestingly enough my little field trip to the court house left me running behind schedule the rest of the day, by the time I caught up with everything I had to do, I found myself traveling home towards the Grove on US-1 just before seven PM. When I was stopped at the traffic light at US-1 and 27th avenue, you'll never believe who pulled up next to me and looked right at me!

HA! We'll see you tomorrow!

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