Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What's done can't be undone.

Like the title of today's post says, "what's done, can't be undone" or in our case, what's seen can't be unseen...

What are we supposed to do now after we've learned everything we have over the last few months? We've seen everything from poor police work, shoddy investigations, misreporting of the facts, an independent legal opinion from another lawyer involved in the foreclosure case that arose from this mess and now to top it off a confession from one of the defendants. After we've seen how the system has been twisted and misused in this case, how are we expected to sit back and stomach all this? Much like the clown in the video above who finds himself in a compromising position with his daughter, nothing can ever be the same again.

The witching hour is near friends. Has anyone else figured out the last remaining riddle? We'll discuss tomorrow, for now we're off to the courthouse to find more background on another 15 names that were forwarded to us.

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