Sunday, September 27, 2009

The week in review, reminiscing and other miscellaneous ramblings...

First lets look back at the last week's events:
  1. The task force's first case and some new names.
  2. Rechecking our mission statement.
  3. We go down to the halls of justice and find a treasure trove of documents!
  4. Examining the task force's first case and MR. BLACK MAGIC MARKER.
  5. Confused and blinded by some breast implants.
With that bit of house keeping out of the way, has anyone figured out the remaining riddle? Think back, the answer is coming up very soon.

I was driving aimlessly this afternoon when I spotted old Porsche 928, the sighting gave me a flashback, it seemed like just yesterday, 1983 to be exact, I was a young punk ogling over nearly the same car in the movie "Risky Business"

Seeing the car did bring back other memories from 1983 though, music like New Order's Blue Monday, the Syncronicity album from the Police as well as other movies like Trading Places, Octopussy and The Year of Living Dangerously to name a few. Another weird habit I had developed back then was watching and deconstructing episodes of the Brady Bunch on TV! WTF was that $hit about? Like I said, it seemed like just yesterday, DAMN THAT $HIT MAKES ME FEEL OLD!

While I'm rambling I might as well mention something that's really gotten under my skin, the Serena Williams outburst at the U.S. Open a few weeks back. Talk about a crappy way to represent yourself and your sport to all the kids that idolize you and look up to you as a role model. Sadly just another example of how our society is devolving.

With that said, did anyone really think we were going to avoid this nonsense?!

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