Thursday, September 10, 2009

A riddle for our friends at the MDPD and Jorge Baluja.

Enough with all the serious stuff for today, I need a little distraction. For all our friends following along at the MDPD and the Mortgage Fraud Task Force, lets play a little game and see if anyone can figure out what we're talking about, as a matter of fact, lets have Major Juan Odio call over the detective that he commended for his investigative prowess to take a look and see if he can figure this one out. Come on Detective Baluja, pull your head out from under the hood of whatever car your looking at and take a moment to join us. Read over the posts from the beginning of the month;
Is there anything that's Nouvelle to you? Has anyone looked behind the Red Door yet?
Good luck with that! Figuring that one out is going to be too much like police work, after all if Detective Baluja couldn't figure out who the man was that "supposedly" posed as Bernardo Barrera at the closing for the Oak Avenue home, how the hell will anyone figure out our little riddle?! I'll warn you guys though, if you are able to figure it out, you're going to have a ton of work on your hands...

I haven't really had a chance to keep up with the news lately but I have heard a lot about county budget cuts. I really hope our friends at the MDPD don't get hurt too bad...

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