Thursday, September 17, 2009

OMG! Sorry about yesterday!

Sorry guys, I screwed up and didn't make the update I promised yesterday, lets just say I had my reasons! I was contacted last week by a "concerned reader" who told me that they had a package of documents they wanted to give me regarding the Bernardo Barrera mortgage fraud case, we set up a meeting yesterday morning all the way in BF Egypt, so I had to haul ass all the way across town first thing in the morning to make the meeting. There was nothing cloak and dagger about the meeting, I just showed up at the agreed upon location and had a manila envelope waiting for me, inside was a 267 page document that made me $hit my pants. Lets just say in regards to the Barrera case its a...

This file is made up of documents from the Bernardo Barrera mortgage for the Oak Avenue home as well as actual documents from Citi Mortgages own internal mortgage fraud investigation. I can only assume that the MDPD and the SAO already have these documents, if they do then the level of humiliation that's about to unfold is going to be FCUKING EPIC! Lets hope for the sake the citizens of Miami Dade County that the state doesn't have these documents. If indeed our friend Detective Baluja had these documents and decided not to use them, rest assured its going to be a career ending blunder for him. The implications are worse though if the State Attorneys Office has these documents and hasn't acted upon them, I guarantee you friends that if I make these documents public, the entire Bernardo Barrera mortgage fraud case will be turned on its ear. Before we get all worked up and excited, I have to run this scenario in front of our own attorney to see if its kosher to post the documents. While I'm waiting for a response I will go ahead and at least forward these documents to one of the attorneys who's working on the Barrera foreclosure case for their opinion.

Cross your fingers, if we get the go ahead, I promise one hell of a RIDE!

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