Thursday, September 3, 2009

WHAT UP JORGE? Where are my Grove activists at?

HEY JORGE! I know you've been keeping up with our little story here, I'm not sure if you understand what we're talking about though. Must be tough to think with all the attention we've been giving you over the last few months...

I know you were trained as a mortgage fraud investigator, but we know you have a hard time with the subject at hand, so I'll try to make it as simple as possible. See the homes that we talked about over the last week? I know you're busy searching for peoples stolen hubcaps now, but going back to your days at the Mortgage Fraud Task Force, do you remember what a Warranty Deed is? Did you notice that the people who sold the homes to the current owners didn't own the homes until the day of the closing? Did you notice that the people who sold the homes to the current buyers didn't even have a recorded mortgage for the properties that they sold? You see what I'm saying here Jorge? In case you don't, someone in the Economic Crimes Bureau please sit Detective Baluja down and draw him a picture.

Everyone remember the Coconut Grove residents that were up in arms about the Home Depot that was supposed to go in at the old K-Mart location on the corner of US-1 and McDonald street? They called their organization "The Grove First", Coconut Groves stakeholder community, essentially represented as a group of Grove residents whose
raison d'ĂȘtre was to "help maintain the charm and lifestyle of Coconut Grove." Since their failure in keeping Home Depot out of the Grove, it seems like they've adopted a number of other causes critical to the "Grove Lifestyle." Considering how our friends in the Grove cherish their beloved community, I wonder how they feel about their property taxes?

Take a look back at this weeks posts where we illustrated some very disturbing real estate transactions in Coconut Grove, these transactions seem very suspicious to say the least. Regardless of what we think went on, one thing is undeniable, these transactions have increased the assessed values of homes in the Grove which have in turn increased the neighborhoods property taxes! As I said before, sure the banks lose with these busted out homes but the surrounding property owners lose as well! Even if you don't mind empty busted out homes in your neighborhood, you're still going to suffer the financial consequences of these over inflated sales prices, namely INCREASED PROPERTY TAXES! That's right Grove activists, you recently got your property appraisals in the mail, did your taxes go UP? If they did you have the mortgage fraudsters to thank!

So come on fellow Grovites! Lets get together another petition drive and get our property taxes down to where they should be! Lets out these scamsters that victimized these areas in the Grove and used them like six figure check dispensing ATM's! Lets use what we found here to make our case to the Property Appraiser to bring our property taxes back down to where they should be! Good Luck with that! Fact of the matter is, no one gives a crap. The MDPD Mortgage Fraud Task Force is out chasing its tail while the State Attorneys Office is out pursuing nonsensical prosecutions all while the real bad guys have LEFT DODGE! For the mortgage fraud/real estate scammers that haven't been caught, rest easy, no ones coming after you, there's nothing to worry about! Based on what we've seen over the last week and the lack of action from the PD and the SAO, its safe to say that if you're running any kind of scam, Miami's the place to do it!

Once the banks finish their foreclosure proceedings the homes sell at auction and their losses are covered through a web of intricate insurance policies, its the neighborhoods like the Grove that were busted out that are the real losers. Sad to say there's no hope of ANYONE in a position of authority to do anything about it, just another day in the jungle...

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