Thursday, October 1, 2009

Some stats and miscellaneous thoughts...

When we started our story a few months back, I really only had a handful of people as my target audience, 4 maybe 5 at most, anything beyond that would have been unimaginable. Early on when I set up the blog, I also set up a Google Analytics account to be able to track whats going on with the site. Unfortunately for me the setup process confounded me and I gave up after trying for two days to get the damn thing to work. Little did I know that nothing was showing up when I first set up the blog since there was no content and therefore no views! A few days ago on September 24, I was looking at another blog that had a mention of Google Analytics, so I decided to log on and see if I could get the Straw Buyer analytics account working, when I logged on I nearly $hit my pants! From August 24 to September 24 we had ONE THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED THIRTY TWO individual views! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? That's right, 1832 unique visitors to the site! Just who the hell did we catch checking our blog?

Amazing. As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I've received another email from a reader that likes to torture me, in this email I was given a list of 15 people that I can only assume in one way shape or form have been arrested for something related to mortgage fraud. I didn't have a chance to make it down to the courthouse yesterday to find out what was behind these names, but I'll do my best to do so today.

We mentioned something about the witching hour coming near the other day, did anyone understand what I was saying? I can't answer that riddle until next week, in the mean time, I wonder if there are any new investigations by the task force into the several million dollars of fraud and theft that we outlined here on the blog that went on in the grove? Somehow I doubt it!

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