Tuesday, October 20, 2009

OK, OK! The story of Ernesto Portuondo and Attorney Alfredo Xiques

I get it! Based on all the hits the site gets, the most popular keywords other than the people involved in this case are Ernesto Portuondo and Roger Besu. Fine, you guys want to know the story that bad?! I'll tell you the damn story. Let's start with the criminal information filed by the state against Mr. Ernesto "Ernie" Portuondo, here is count #1:

Ok, that's fairly straight forward, that speaks to the grand theft charge, now count #2:

Ok, fraudulent mortgage docs, again, fairly straightforward. Now count #3:

And the bit of the states information speaks to the forgery charge against Mr. Portuondo. So in a nutshell, what happened was Mr. Portuondo owned a property with two other people, Jose Fonseca and Carolina Fonseca, nothing wrong there. What happened though according to the information that was filed by the state of Florida was that Mr. Portuondo went on to obtain a second mortgage on said property for the amount of $120,000 without the consent of the Fonsecas, furthermore the state alleges that Ernesto Portuondo obtained this mortgage by forging the Fonsecas signature on the mortgage documents. The state then alleges that Ernesto Portuondo went on to use the proceeds of this transaction to conduct several other transactions for which he was charged with six counts of money laundering.

Lets take a look at what the Fonsecas real signatures look like from the first mortgage of the property that is at the center of this mess:

Here we can clearly see that everyone signed the first mortgage and that it was notarized by an attorney named Alfredo Xiques. Very good. Now, lets move on to the mortgage for the fraudulent second mortgage:

So here we see signatures that look very different for the Fonsecas and we notice that someone name Vivian Morejon witnessed the signatures, but who notarized all these signatures? Let's look...

ZOINKS!! it was notarized by the same guy as the real mortgage! It was notarized by Alfredo Xiques! HOLY SMOKES! But hold your horses! THE ATTORNEY DIDN'T GET CHARGED! WTF?! That's right! The attorney who notarized the fake signatures didn't get charged, the woman who witnessed the fake signature didn't get charged and the attorney that prepared the documents didn't get charged! WHAT THE FCUK?! Why didn't they get charged?! After all, this attorney knowingly notarized documents that he knew weren't signed in front of him and one could argue that it may have even been possible that he knew that the signatures were FORGERIES! Based on what we've seen the state do in the Bernardo Barrera case, shouldn't the attorney who notarized these documents been arrested?! I mean for Christ's sakes, at least with the Bernardo Barrera case the state alleges there was an impostor at the closing, in this one they didn't even produce impostors to sign the documents!

I don't get it. Is this a perfect example of selective prosecution OR WHAT?! Remember INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY! What we've reproduced above is what the state is ALLEGING Mr. Portuondo has done.


  1. What ever happened to Mr Portuondo and the Attorney Alfredo Xiques?

  2. Bullshit thats what happend.
    Alfredo was debarred
    Mr. P i think was given probation.

  3. Alfredo Xiques was not disbarred he is a practicing Attorney and Mr. Portuondo was given straight probation due to lack of evidence and inconsistency in the alleged victim's statements.

  4. Lol! Xiques was disciplined by the bar and portuondo plead out to 8 years of probation. If there was so little evidence and inconsistencies in the witness testimony then why the hell would he have agreed to 8 years of probation?

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