Tuesday, October 27, 2009


So here I am scouring the internet for something to write about and BAM I come across this mess! This is the story of Miami Beach attorney Sally Sawh who allegedly stole TWO MILLION DOLLARS FROM HER CLIENTS! NO $HIT! Let's take a look:

DAMN! Sally Sawh something alright, she SAWH herself spending her clients money to the tune of TWO MILLION DOLLARS! Let's see what her attorney says (click on photo to enlarge)...

No $hit huh? To your "dismay" the state attorney's office concluded that certain transactions violated Florida law?! That's precious! TWO MILLION DOLLARS MISSING AND THEY'RE DISMAYED?! I certainly got a kick out of Ms. Sawh's defense attorney's comments, that's damn funny.

What struck me as odd though was where the article states that Ms. Sawh was released on $10,000 bail. I mean, she allegedly steals TWO MILLION FCUKING DOLLARS and she gets out on $10,000 bail? Our man Roger Besu was hit with a $5 million dollar bail, I wonder what made Sally any different? Both were attorneys who were disbarred when they were arrested for equally egregious bar complaints, so what was it that let her get away with only a $10,000 bail? Strange stuff people!

Anyone remember the arrests in the Barrera Mortgage fraud case? We've already discussed at length how the bail amounts for the defendants were exorbitantly high (here, here and here), John Romney and Michael Martinez got nearly half a million dollars bail and the attorney Delaila Estefano, got $75,000 bail. Keep in mind that the attorney was a practicing attorney at the time of the arrest, not like Mr. Besu or Ms. Sawh we were both suspended from practicing at the time of their arrests. So the question begs to be asked, why were the bail amounts so high? Ms. Sawh allegedly made away with $2 million and she walked out of jail on $10,000 bail, just how much money did the attorney in the Barrera case steal? Answers anyone? Detective Baluja? Assistant State Attorney Kostrzewski? Anyone?

Looks like I'll be making another trip down to the courthouse tomorrow to find the answer...

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  1. Sally has struck again, this time in Mass. It may have not been $2M but it was a security deposit of a young professional. He occupied her unit for less than 3months for a temp. stay and she is now not returning any funds as agreed upon. How can we get her this time??