Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Columbus day and a provocative quote from one of the players in our story...

Didn't we all grow up being taught that Christopher Columbus discovered America? All the stories about how he made his journey over the great expanse of the Atlantic Ocean then through the Caribbean only to stumble upon a new world. Amazing how years later it's been proven that Columbus wasn't the first to come to America, indeed there's proof that several hundred years earlier it was the Vikings that were the first Europeans that actually discovered the "new world", not to mention the indigenous peoples that were already here!

Yet all these years later, our children are still taught that Columbus was the first to discover the Americas! The reality is that he was hopelessly lost at sea and stumbled upon the "new world" which had already been discovered well before his time. Bizarre how some still cling to these beliefs even though there is proof to the contrary.

o why are we being lied to? How about the whole Weapons of Mass Destruction nonsense that lead up to the mess that we have in Iraq? Remember how the Bush administration LIED to the world about the existence of these weapons? How this country went to war with a country that DID NOT ATTACK US based on lies, half truths and fabricated evidence?

See, the Bush administration wanted Saddam so bad they were willing to do ANYTHING to get into a confrontation with Iraq, we now know they did the unthinkable, lie, cheat, deceive the American public just to be able to go to war. In retrospect the actions of the Bush administration that led up to the war were probably the most egregious acts of treason that any administration has ever committed against the American public. To make matters worse, any meaningful investigation into the misconduct by the administration has been thwarted by claims of "executive privilege", confidentiality, etc. For the people responsible for this war to hide behind these claims is downright cowardly, the entire process leading up to the war, all the paperwork, all the intelligence and everyone involved need to be open to public scrutiny so that we the people can understand what went on, who is to blame and what punishment is befitting of these criminals. In fact, one of the players involved in our mortgage fraud story felt so strongly about the matter, he wrote the following in response to an appearance that then Vice President Dick Cheney made at a veterans convention:
"Mr. Cheney is not only a hypocrite, but a coward. He was afraid of military service and “hid” from it, just like he hides in some undisclosed bunker at the first sign of trouble, just like Hitler and his ilk. He will be tried just like the Nazis when reason prevails. Thank you."
That right! Just like I said before, for these people to hide from responsibility for the LIES, MISREPRESENTATIONS OF TRUTH AND FABRICATION OF EVIDENCE IS DOWNRIGHT COWARDLY! Now, perhaps comparing them to Hitler and the Nazi's is a bit kind, I'm going to go a little further. I'm going to suggest people guilty of these behaviors, people who destroy others lives, people who take innocent peoples freedom and liberties, people who take away others very humanity all based on lies and misrepresentations of the truth are fit for a stronger punishment...

Don't fret peoples, there's a method to this madness, be patient. With that said, y'all have a great day!

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