Monday, October 26, 2009

Why would you commit mortgage fraud?

Here we are several months into our story about mortgage fraud and one question begs to be asked, why would someone commit mortgage fraud? Whether the perpetrator is young or old one has to question why they would put their asses on the line to make a quick buck, especially committing a crime like mortgage fraud that leaves a paperwork trail that will ensnarl everyone that's involved from start to finish. What would motivate someone to commit mortgage fraud? I was perplexed by this dilemma until I spotted the answer in a parking lot over the weekend, it was so obvious that I felt ashamed...

Could it get easier than that? Getting back to business, I've noticed throughout the course of our investigation that almost every one of these mortgage fraud prosecutions ends in probation, THAT'S RIGHT! No matter how egregious the offense, unilaterally the harshest punishment is probation. We talked about this phenomenon a few weeks back and we even went on to state that Mr. Romney had already cut a deal with the state, now at least we have some proof, take a look at the docket on his criminal case...

There you have it ladies and gents. Tomorrow we'll look at some other mortgage fraud prosecutions and see what the outcome of those cases are.

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