Thursday, October 22, 2009

Some real police work!

Enough with the serious stuff! The last two days worth of posts were downright depressing right? Let's get back to business. At some point or another, we've all watched those TV cops shows, one of the most popular these days is the CSI series. It's amazing watching these shows to sit back and see how good the cops are and how thorough their investigations are, is it just me or do they always get there man? Let's take a look at a scene from a recent CSI Miami episode...

DAMN YO! Can you believe that $hit! Now I'm sure there are fantastic cops out there, but this good? Technology this good? Let's forget about all that for now and turn back to Detective Baluja. Can you imagine that Mr. Baluja had a photo that WAS CLEAR AS DAY of Michael Martinez, his mother and another person purchasing the cashiers check that was used as the down payment for the Bernardo Barrera home purchase, yet even though Mr. Baluja arrested Michael Martinez, HE WAS UNABLE TO IDENTIFY THE OTHER PERSON THAT WAS THERE?! How often do you get three people standing in front of a teller at a bank, all three next to each other, yet they don't know each other? WTF?!

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