Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What about that ground breaking stuff we talked about a few weeks back?

Everyone remember when I mentioned that we had obtained a package of documents regarding this mortgage fraud case that would turn everything on its ear? As I mentioned, I was conflicted as to whether or not we should post the actual documents online since they contained the personal information of one Bernard Barrera, the man the state calls the "victim" of the fraud perpetrated by Mr. Romney and crew. I've come to the conclusion that I won't post the actual documents, but instead I'll tell you what the documents contained that caused at least one attorney involved in the foreclosure case for the Oak Avenue home to conclude that Mr. Barrera was involved in the fraud.

Here we go, Mr. Barrera claimed that a credit monitoring service alerted him to a new home loan on March 19, 2008. This claim was suspect on July 23, 2008 when we first talked about it and now my suspicions are confirmed regarding Mr. Barrera having knowledge of the fraud, why you ask? Very simple boys and girls, I have a copy of Mr. Barrera's CREDIT REPORT!!!
A mortgage broker and Merchants Association of Florida pull Mr. Barreras credit report three times on January 2, 2008 and it is instantly reflected on his credit report. Despite Barreras claims that he constantly monitors his credit reports, he neglects to tell the police that there are THREE inquiries generated on this date. WTF?!
Mr. Barrera claims that he was in no way shape or form involved in the purchase of the home at 3390 Oak Avenue that is the center of this fraud.
Guess what?! I have a copy of a purchase contract for the home on Oak Avenue executed on January 14, 2008 by non other than Mr. Bernardo Barrera! WHOOPS!
Mr. Barrera claimed that he was in no way shape or form involved in obtaining a mortgage for the home located on Oak Avenue.
OH SNAP! We have a copy of a loan application signed over 20 times by Mr. Barrera himself on January 16, 2008! Even better, the loan application has Mr. Barrera's correct home address! Once this application was submitted, Citi Mortgage pulled Mr. Barrera's credit AGAIN and once again the credit monitoring services that Mr. Barrera religiously monitors fail to notify him of these inquiries? YEAH RIGHT!

It's not looking good for Mr. Barrera now is it? See, Mr. Barrera has a VERY UNIQUE signature making it very easy to identify, why hasn't the state investigated any of these facts? Why did Detective Baluja ignore these findings? Some may say that what we've outlined above could be coincidences, tomorrow I'll lay out more evidence that the states "victim" was indeed aware of what was going on with this fraud well before the closing for the home ever happened.

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