Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Remember that old Wendy's commercial?

That's what I want to know! We noted in our post from yesterday that the other two attorneys that we've mentioned (Roger Besu and Sally Sawh) both are alleged to have made off with over TWO MILLION DOLLARS each in separate unrelated cases. That's a ton of BEEF!! If the opportunity arose for me to make off with that kind of loot through some nefarious activity, I'd really have to think twice about it, after all, with that much money, you could live peacefully for the rest of your life in some country that doesn't have an extradition treaty with Uncle Sam! Now, we know that in the Barrera mortgage fraud case, Mr. Romney made off with $369,896.88 Mr. Martinez collected a cool $11,469.64 (profit for lending $123,530.36 the man supposedly posing as Bernardo Barrera at the closing), what did the person who the state alleges was their co conspirator, Attorney Delaila Estafano make from this deal? I mentioned yesterday that I was going to drag my ass down to the courthouse and extract the dollar amount of what the attorney got from this deal from whats in criminal court file. What did I find? Let's take a look at the closing statement from the purchase of the home at Oak Avenue:

Let's summarize what's on that statement:

Alrighty then! So from what we've seen now, Mr. Romney makes away with $369,896.88, Mr. Martinez picks up $11,469.64 and Ms. Estefano's take of this massive mortgage fraud is THREE THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED AND TWENTY DOLLARS?! If I'm understanding this correctly, $2,450 of that $3,720 has to go to pay for the title insurance, therefore netting the attorney a WHOPPING ONE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY DOLLARS?! WHAT?!

Let's take things into perspective here, Romney makes away with over $350k, Martinez makes close to $12k and the attorney who the state is accusing of being their partner in crime made $1,270?! I can understand throwing caution into the wind and stepping on the wrong side of the law for a six or seven figure payoff, but risk your entire career and reputation for a measly $1,270? What is she a fcuking Broward County Politician?! I mean, who else can be bought for chump change like that?! Something doesn't make sense. I've gone backwards and forwards through the case file and I can't make heads or tails of this mess. Throw six or seven figures in front of me and I'll consider committing a crime of this magnitude, but not for the price of a set of tires for my car!

Something is rotten in Denmark folks. Tomorrow, we'll take a look at those pesky surveillance photos that Detective Baluja had so much trouble with and on Friday we're going to end our week with the height of stupidity, a mortgage fraud high speed car chase!

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