Monday, October 19, 2009

A pattern of behavior...

A pattern of behaviour, bad character and lack of mistake. Could you imagine if I could characterize the behavior of police officer this way? Even worse if I could prove that the lead detective in an important investigation has a habit of lying, bending the truth and suborning perjury? Let's take a moment to examine that phrase...
Suborning Perjury- The criminal offense of procuring another to commit perjury, which is the crime of lying, in a material matter, while under oath.
That's some serious $hit there isn't it? I spent the weekend reading and rereading paperwork that I've collected regarding this cop and this case, I can't believe what I've found.
Why the hell would someone in law enforcement do something like this? Come on now, we're talking about Jorge Baluja here! Remember his treatment of the Blanton Harris traffic accident investigation? Do you recall the way he ordered a witness to change her testimony and lie about how the accident had happened? In case you forgot, let's take another look at an excerpt from the Independent Review Panel findings...

That's nice isn't it? You don't hear what you want so you make the witness change her statement to say what you want it to say! Isn't that convenient? Now, what if I tell you I've found PROOF of the same behavior in the Bernardo Barrera mortgage fraud case? Even better, who do we have ordering a witness to lie under oath? Under penalty of law for perjury? YOU GUESSED IT!


Considering the magnitude of what I've discovered, I have to carefully consider what I'm going to do with my findings. Stay tuned!

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