Thursday, October 29, 2009

The pesky survielance photo and the unidentified person...

Earlier we mentioned a surveillance photo from the bank where Michael Martinez purchased the cashiers check for the closing on the Oak Avenue home. Remember, Mr. Martinez lent the person that was supposedly posing as Bernardo Barrera at the closing the down payment for the home in the form of this check. In this photo are three people, one is identified as Michael Martinez, the other is Lourdes Martinez, Michael's mother and the third person is left as unidentified by the lead Detective in the case, Jorge Baluja. Now, how could this man be unidentified? After all this is a photo of three people standing together in front of the teller window and obviously from the body language and the looks on their faces, these people have to know each other. Was there a problem with the photo that caused Detective Baluja not to be able to discover the third persons identity? Perhaps the unidentified persons head in the photo was a little blurry?

Maybe it wasn't blurry, perhaps the third person was wearing a disguise?

Or maybe this third person in Detective Baluja's opinion didn't look like he had anything to do with the other two people, maybe an uninvolved bystander who has different ideas about interpersonal distances between themselves and strangers?

Could it have been possible that somehow the face was obscured by one of those pesky black boxes that the government is so fond of using when they're trying to keep something confidential?

Or maybe the third person just looked so damn scary to Detective Baluja that he didn't even want to try to identify him..

So why couldn't Detective Baluja identify this third person? Now, please keep in mind that we're not insinuating that this third "unidentified" person had anything to do with the Bernardo Barrera mortgage fraud or had knowledge of what Mr. Martinez was at the bank for, but considering that Detective Baluja knew that Mr. Martinez was at the bank to purchase the cashiers check for the fraudulent closing, don't you think it would have been a good idea for him to identify and interview this third person? After all, the good detective identified Lourdes Martinez, so why not figure out who this third person is? Maybe this third person could shed some light on what was going on in this photo? Let's see what Detective Baluja said about this third "unidentified" third person during his deposition...

Huh? He hasn't been able to identify this third person?! This is the same Detective Baluja that received a commendation for his investigative skills, yet he hasn't tried to identify this third person? WTF?! Why don't we take a look at this photo that Detective Baluja was having such a hard time with, let's see just how hard it is to identify this third person...

WHOOPS! That ain't no CSI $hit folks! That's about as clear of a photo as you could ask for. So what's the problem? Look at the body language, look at the facial expressions, HOW THE HELL COULD THE TWO PEOPLE ON THE LEFT NOT KNOWN WHO THE GUY ON THE RIGHT WAS?! Once again, I reiterate, we're in no way shape or form accusing the guy on the right of any wrong doing, consider though that if the two people on the left were at the bank, engaged in some nefarious activity, wouldn't any prudent detective want to find out who the guy on the right is? Wouldn't you at least want to chat with him? Maybe ask him a few questions? At the very least ask him who his barber is?!

We're forgetting one important point here, we're dealing with Jorge Baluja, in Jorge's universe (at least based on what we've seen over the last few months) NOTHING MAKES SENSE!

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