Thursday, October 8, 2009

A year later PEEPS!

So where's everyone at a year later? It looks like Michael Martinez (the guy who lent the straw buyer $125,000 then got paid back $135,000 from the seller of the Oak avenue property) cut a deal back in June and is now a free man! COOL! That leaves the man who was at the helm of this mortgage fraud disaster, John Romney and the attorney Delaila Estefano. Judging from what I've seen in the court files, there isn't one single shred of paper in there to suggest that Mr. Romney is defending himself, that could only mean one thing. Regardless, a year after the original arrests there isn't a plea entered yet on his behalf. The rest of the three folders that comprise this case file consist solely of defense paperwork, depositions, motions, etc for the attorney Delaila Estefano. Interesting huh?

A year later, does anyone know where Detective Baluja is? I was told that he spent the day in deposition yesterday, I wonder how that went? I'll have to wait till the transcript makes it into the court file so I can go through it, I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT'S THERE! I can only imagine though...

Sorry about not posting yesterday and keeping it short today, I found myself so sick yesterday that I couldn't leave my bed. I feel a little better today but it seems like as everyday that passes I seem to be loosing some more of my immunity...

Tomorrow we'll see what kind of deal Mr. Martinez cut and what Mr. Romney's been up to.

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