Sunday, December 27, 2009

The man who claims he's the "victim" of identity theft, Bernardo Barrera.

As I mentioned last week, during the holiday break we're going to summarize the pertinent facts of the Bernardo Barrera mortgage fraud case. What better way to start than taking another look at the man who claims his identity was stolen, Bernardo Barrera?
  1. Let's begin by illustrating a previous mortgage fraud that Mr. Barrera had committed. If Detective Baluja would have checked into this prior fraud that Mr. Barrera had been involved in, perhaps he would have looked at the case a bit differently.
  2. Moving along, we then learn that Mr. Barrera diligently monitors his credit history through the use of several different credit monitoring services. Although he monitors his credit history he forgets to mention the activity on his credit before the closing of the Oak Avenue home, he only mentions that he was alerted to the new loan on his credit report 30 days after the closing. Bizarre as any activity is noted on your credit report literally instantaneously.
  3. WHOOPSIE!! We now learn that Mr. Barrera just a few months before he claimed his identity was stolen for the purchase of the Oak Avenue home HAD HIS IDENTITY STOLEN IN ANOTHER FRAUDULENT TRANSACTION! UH OH! This timing of when the police report was given for this transaction is HIGHLY SUSPECT. If Detective Baluja would have compared the dates of this identity theft and the Oak Avenue transaction, I think he would have been highly surprised, not to mention all sorts of red flags should have gone up if he would have taken a look at the activity on Mr. Barrera's credit around this time.
  4. We go on to learn that Mr. Barrera opens up a corporation with a rather strange name and an address that leads to an empty lot. Why would you do such a thing? It's got to be a real pain in the ass trying to conduct business out of a dirt lot! Suspicious to say the least.
  5. We're now introduced to the foreclosure case that arose out of the fraudulent purchase of the Oak Avenue home and then get an opinion from one of the lawyers involved in the foreclosure case regarding Mr. Barrera's involvement in the fraud. Amazing how easily evident his involvement is to this attorney, yet no one at the PD or the SAO can draw the same conclusion.
  6. In case there was any doubt of Mr. Barrera's involvement in the fraud, take a close look here and if that wasn't enough check this as well.  I don't know how you can deny all the documentation that was addressed to Mr. Barrera by Citi Mortgage regarding the Oak Avenue home purchase let alone all the other information that he had regarding the transaction.  Interestingly enough, all the information in those two posts came right out of the lead Detective's own file yet he chose to do nothing about it. 
  7. UH HELLO!  DETECTIVE BALUJA, ASA KOSTRZEWSKI!  DO YOU NEED ANY MORE EVIDENCE THAT MR. BARRERA WAS INTIMATELY INVOLVED IN THIS FRAUD?  DUH!  He knows nothing about the mortgage fraud or the identity theft and evidently either does the lead detective or the assistant state attorney.
The ladies and gents effectively sums up the states victim in the Oak Avenue mortgage fraud/Identity theft case.  I can't wait to see Mr. Barrera before a jury!

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