Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Let's say hello to the lead detective in the Bernardo Barrera mortgage fraud case, Detective Jorge Baluja...

We've summed up some of the pertinent facts of our story over the last two days, first we discussed the man who claimed his identity was stolen for the fraud that's at the center of our blog, then we breifly discussed real estate / mortgage fraud as it applies to our story.  Keeping with the theme of summing up our story during the holiday break, let's now move on to the lead detective in the Bernardo Barrera mortgage fraud case, Detective Jorge Baluja.
  1. We're introduced to Detective Baluja through a botched accident investigation earlier in his career through this fantastic article written by Matt Meltzer from
  2. We go on to learn that perhaps Detective Baluja really didn't pay any attention to Bernardo Barrera's claims of identity theft and how he learned of his identity being misused by the fraudsters.
  3. Now we've learned that Detective Baluja has found out about the article about him and HE'S PISSED OFF!  Sorry Jorge!!
  4. We're told that Detective Baluja had been taken off the Mortgage Fraud task force and sent back to Auto Theft just a couple of weeks after he made the arrests in the Bernardo Barrera mortgage fraud case.  Interesting for a lead detective in a headline case to be moved out of his unit into another after bringing in the case?
  5. We've learned that the Detective may be a little preoccupied while at the office, if true it sounds like a terrific waste of taxpayers money!
  6. There seems to be some issues with how the Detective handles a witness... 
  7. UH OH!  Now we find that the former ace detective in the mayors heralded Mortgage Fraud Task Force can't even execute his own mortgage correctly!  WHOOPSIE!  The New Times picks up our story!  
  8. For what ever reason, it looks like the Detective is trying to duck going to depositions...
  9. Does the good detective know where his own office is?  NO!
  10. It seems as if we've established a pattern of behavior for the good detective...
  11. Does Detective Jorge Baluja understand the most fundemental aspects of Real Estate?  NO!  OK, does he know what Mortgage Fraud is?  What do you think?  HELL NO!
  12. Calling into question Detective Baluja's investigatory skills and or his eyesight. 
  13. No, we're not filming a retarded episode of the tv show COP's, but let's have a high speed car chase anyway! 
  14. Follow my lead, NOW LIE DAMN IT!  While you're at it, say it the way I want BITCH! 
  15. The good Detective draws a blank, HE JUST DOESN'T RECALL! 
  16. Let's have the Detective tell us what Identity Theft is.  WHOOPS!
  17. Now a great online resource to any defense attorney working a case that Detective Baluja has worked on...
  18. Last but not least, how does the MDPD reward the type of incompetence that's evidenced by Detective Baluja's police work?  THEY GIVE HIM A COMMENDATION!

So there you have it folks, Detective Jorge Baluja in a nutshell!  Hopefully for those of you flying over the holidays, you won't be taking AIR BALUJA!

Once again we find ourselves with another key player in this case that we would love to see perform on the stand!  Till tomorrow...

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