Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Let's do some fraud!

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So we're going to commit some real estate / mortgage fraud, where do we start? 
  1. First off, what is mortgage fraud?  Let's have Detective Jorge Baluja explain what he thinks it is
  2. What if we had a step by step pictoral guide on how to commit mortgage fraud to guide us along?
  3. Who better to lead us through our real estate / mortgage fraud adventure than an former appraiser thats had his licensing authority taken away by the Florida Department of Professional Regulation?  Who would that be?
  4. Now that we know what mortgage fraud is (according to Detective Baluja), we've been given instructions on how to commit the fraud, we've got a crooked appraiser on board, where are we going to find a house worthy of our endeavor?  Why not go to Coconut Grove!  The Grove is a cornocopia of homes suitable for FRAUD!  
  5. ALRIGHTY THEN!  We've located the homes to use in our real estate / mortgage fraud quest, now we need a cooperating attorney, title company or closing agent!  We've seen how cooperative the folks at Red Door Title Agency  and Nouvelle Title Services were in these other transactions, where can we find someone to help us with our scam?  Based on the arrests in the Bernado Barrera mortgage fraud case and according to Detective Baluja and Assistant State Attorney Bill Kostrzewski it looks like we've found a worthy partner in attorney Delaila Estefano.
  6. Now that we have almost all the pieces of the puzzle in place, we need to locate a home suitable for our fraud.  BINGO WE'RE IN LUCK!  
  7. We're almost there now, we got everyone in place except the STRAW BUYER!  No worries, we got that covered as well!  Looks like we've found someone practiced in the art of deception not to mention someone that's no stranger to mortgage fraud!
  8. RIGHT ON!  Everyone is in place, LET'S GET PAID!  

Nice days work!  Till tomorrow folks!

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