Wednesday, December 9, 2009

We've been NIFONGED YO!!!

Huh? What the hell is that? A new virus? Perhaps a medical condition? Maybe a new martial arts technique? Let's take a look and see if we can find a definition on line for "NIFONGED"...
Nifonged-Nifonged describes the railroading or harming of a person with no justifiable cause, except for one's own gain. It is someone being taken advantage of unfairly by someone without scruples or morals. It is created more in disdain of North Carolina/Durham District Attorney Michael Nifong, and his screwing of 3 Duke University Lacrosse Team members and helping to inflame a tense racial situation for his own glory, ego, and political gain.
To put the word in perspective, let's look at some synonyms, SCREWED, FCUKED, REAMED, RAILROADED, HOSED, ETC. We all remember the story of the out of control prosecutor in the Duke Lacrosse story don't we? We're going to discover some startling similarities between the behavior exhibited by District Attorney Nifong and the Assistant State Attorney involved in the Bernardo Barrera mortgage fraud case, Bill Kostrzewski. That's a pretty strong statement, trust me, I have the goods to back it up. What I've shown you over the last six months is a culmination of horrific police work by Detective Jorge Baluja, although this is inexcusable on it's own, what's worse is that Detective Baluja didn't act on his own, everything he did was at the direction of the assistant state attorney. Amazing isn't it? What would drive a prosecutor to step outside his role as an advocate and therefore open himself up to this kind of liability? Why would a prosecutor engage in a level of misconduct that would put himself and his offices reputation at risk? I have no idea, but I for one am appalled at what I've found, from the extrajudicial statements regarding the case, fabricating witness statements, lying to the judge (I've been given audio tapes of Mr. Kostrzewski performing in court) and stifling any attempts at reasonable discovery by the defense. Ladies and gents, I can't make up the stuff I've found in this case, it's just too damn stupid.

I've been warned by countless people not to talk about the prosecutorial misconduct that I've uncovered for fear of reprisals against myself or the defendants by the scorned prosecutor. Therein lies the problem, people are so scared of the powers prosecutors wield that they're terrified to call them out. If we don't alert the public and the courts about this kind of behavior, then all we're doing is creating a situation where the prosecutor isn't accountable to anyone and can literally get away with anything they want. I'm tired of being NIFONGED. Fuck that.

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