Thursday, December 10, 2009

A quick test for our readers and it looks like we've hit a nerve with the Roger Besu story.

For those of you who know some of the players in our story, here's a quick test for you. Bring up the names of those involved in the Bernardo Barrera mortgage fraud case that is at the center of our story and watch peoples reactions who are familiar with the players. IE, whenever I've mentioned our favorite detectives name whoever I'm talking to always rolls their eyes! WTF is that about?

Give that test a shot, you'll be surprised at peoples reactions and even more surprised at the stories they tell you regarding these characters like arresting a man and leaving his 2 year old son alone on the sidewalk unattended or not being able to figure out how to get a murder weapon admitted as evidence in a murder trial, etc...

We talked about the term "Nifonged" yesterday, let's take a look at another "urban" definition for the word "Nifong", from the urban dictionary...

  • verb-To use the law to destroy innocent people.
  • The practice of deception by hiding important evidence, information, or creating false statements to further ones career without being caught. To knowingly undermine set professional standards to further ones career, on the back of innocent people. Useful tool of lawyers, politicians, accountants or anyone trying to get the edge over people.
  • An illegal and unethical act of conducting issues of trust and legal proceedings. Maybe punishable by legal remedies if caught doing it.
  • A tool for people in position of power, authority, or trust to conduct a form of fraudulent practices to further ones hidden agenda.
For the astute among you, I think you can figure out which way we're headed.

Moving right along, judging by the responses in our Roger Besu posts, it looks like we've hit a nerve! To our readers that are somehow involved with the Besu mess, rest assured, I'll address some of your comments very soon.

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