Friday, December 11, 2009

Another day, another hearing, another delay.

According to the Miami Dade county clerk of courts website, today was going to be the day that Mr. John Romney (the man who made $369,896.88 as a result of the Bernardo Barrera Mortgage fraud) was going to plead out to the criminal charges pending against him. This isn't the first time the court has scheduled Mr. Romney's plea hearing, according to the clerks website, he was scheduled to plead out on November 13, 2009 but it was postponed till today December 11, 2009 and today was postponed again till January 13, 2009. What gives here?

We did confirm what we already suspected, today Mr. Romney's attorney confirmed to the court that Mr. Romney was cooperating with the state (DUH!). Since both the prosecutor and Mr. Kostrzewski have decided to postpone the hearing again, we're put in a very unique situation. Aren't you tired of waiting to hear Mr. Romney tell the court what he did or didn't do in the Bernardo Barrera case? I for one am! Can you imagine if I were to tell you guys that I have emails from Mr. Romney were he basically confesses to his crimes in the Bernardo Barrera case? Wouldn't that be amazing? Guess what folks, I do have those emails, on Monday we'll go ahead and post them up and we'll see just who ASA Bill Kostrzewski has given such a sweet heart deal to.

Have a great weekend!

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