Friday, December 18, 2009

We're going to find mortgage fraud convictions with jail time DAMN IT!

Surely the mortgage fraud cases that we reviewed yesterday can't be indicative of all the mortgage fraud cases! I can't believe that out of the nine cases we reviewed totaling over $2,000,000 of fraud not one of the people charged ended up doing more than probation. After all don't you all remember the prosecutor who said:
"There's no room for probation."
What about when the head of the Miami Dade County Mortgage Fraud task force said:
"Probation is not an option."
Surely the cases we found yesterday were an anomaly...

Let's forge ahead (not the way the scammers "forge" Jorge!) and find some more mortgage fraud prosecutions and see how the state threw the book at the scammers...

Yaima Gato Case #F-08-0191999

Look at her! She looks guilty as hell! Let's see how the state nailed her...

Case Disposition
JESUS! MORE PROBATION! WTF!? Let's dispense with this petty nonsense, now we're going to move beyond these six figure mortgage frauds and see how the state locked up folks that committed SEVEN FIGURE FRAUDS! I have no explanation whatsoever for the smaller six figure frauds getting punished with no more than a slap on the wrist and probation, surely the only place left for us to find massive jail sentences for mortgage fraudsters is in the multi million dollar frauds. Let's take a look, shall we?

LOOK AT THAT FOLKS! $1.8 MILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF FRAUD!!!! Surely these fraudsters are behind bars now and enjoying a healthy diet of daily tossed salads right?! HELL YES! At the top we have what looks to be the ring leader, Rafael Diaz with his four underlings, let's start at the bottom and work our way up the hierarchy...

Gilbert Oquendo Case #F-07-037900D
Case Disposition

Oh, more probation? I'm sure there's an explanation. Let's keep going...

Justo Santana Case #F-07-037900-B
Case Disposition

Um, more probation. There has to be an explanation, my theory is that they plead out these guys to get the higher ups in the this seven figure mortgage fraud, I'm sure as we work our way up the organization, we'll see some serious jail time.

Rayner Aguiar Case #F-07-037900-C
Case Disposition

Huh? More probation? Let's keep going...

Evelyn Marrero Case #F-07-037900-C
Case Disposition

Uh oh. We've gone through all but one of those charges and we still haven't seen more than probation as a punishment, is it possible that the four codefendants got probation to sell out the guy at the head of the organization? Let's see...

Rafael Diaz Case #F-07-037900-E
Case Disposition



I can't figure it out folks. After all that tough talk by the task force and the prosecutors, we've seen nothing more than probation handed out. Look back, we have just in these 15 cases that we've outlined over $4.5 million dollars worth of fraud, all punished with no more than a slap on the wrist and probation. Anyone have any answers? I certainly don't. Rob a convenience store and you'll end up in jail, get caught a few times driving with a suspended license and you'll end up in jail, but steal millions through mortgage fraud and you'll get nothing but a slap on the wrist. Is this what all the hard work that Mr. Glenn Theobald did in creating the mortgage fraud legislation and the task force amounted to? Is this what all the good police work that the cops who made these cases come to? Probation? How are these sentences going to be a deterrent for anyone considering committing a new mortgage fraud crime? Perhaps the people who made those statements in the beginning of our post today had it wrong, I think it's supposed to go like this:

"Prison is not an option."

There's a common thread among all these cases that we've outlined these past two days, we'll investigate that on Monday, HAVE A NICE WEEKEND!


  1. This is absolutely disgusting that this happens... Someone should be taken out back and shot....

  2. i think i'm gonna go out and commit mortgage fraud!

  3. Outrageous. What a total fuck up.

  4. Only in Miami. Mayor Alvarez, Rundle etc, job well done. This is why I happily live in Tavarres Fl as far away from dade as possible.

  5. This can't be right, check your facts and lock your doors. If true then youre fine but they're going to come down on you like the wrath of god if you've misreported the facts. Come to think of it, the man is gonna have his way with you either way jackass.

  6. Keep it up, wonder why what you've found isn't talked about anywhere else. Looks like the bad guys aren't the only ones doing the fraud.