Friday, February 12, 2010

Who's our favorite puppet master? Bill Kostrzewski is!

Here we are at the end of another week, as our readers must know by now, we usually try to wrap up the week with some levity, so today, were going to take look at a performance by master puppet master Bill Kostrzewski.  For sure some of you must think by now that I'm off my meds or something, but bare with me.  From the inception of our blog when discussing the Bernardo Barrera mortgage fraud case, I've suggested that Detective Jorge Baluja was not running the investigation nor was anyone in the MDPD, in fact it's our theory that the entire investigation was run directly by none other than assistant state attorney Bill Kostrzewski
I've poured over detective Baluja's depositions over and over again and I get the weird feeling that although the detective is at the deposition and talking, he's really not really the one answering the questions, sure his mouth is moving, but it seems to me like he's just a mouthpiece or for lack of a better term a "puppet" for Mr. Kostrzewski.  This would fall in line perfectly with our theory that Detective Baluja was nothing but a tool for Mr. Kostrzewski throughout this case and in my opinion proves that it was assistant state attorney Kostrzewski that created and ran the entire Bernardo Barrera mortgage fraud investigation.

Lets take a look at some excerpts from detective Baluja's deposition transcripts and you guys judge for yourself what's going on.  Pardon the poor quality photos of the actual transcripts, they're taken by a camera phone, as always click on the image to enlarge it.  First we find that Mr. Baluja had gone to the state attorneys office the day before and prepared for the deposition with ASA Kostrzewski...


Anything wrong with the detective getting together and preparing for the next days depo?  I don't know, as long as everything is on the up and up right?  I guess it's kosher as long as the ASA didn't ask the detective to say, lie or testify to things that he didn't have first hand knowledge of?  Somehow this idea of rehearsing for the deposition doesn't sit right with me, it fits right in with our theory of the asa controlling the detective, regardless let's move on.  As the deposition moves forward, you can see several instances where the detective seems confused and has forgotten what Mr. Kostrzewski wanted him to say, so what does he do?   HE STARTS WHISPERING TO KOSTRZEWSKI LOOKING FOR THE ANSWER!

WHAT THE FCUK IS THAT?! I'm no lawyer, but this just doesn't seem right to me.  When asa Kostrzewski is called to the carpet by the other attorneys, he responds with...


Pobrecito!  Jorgito is confused!  If he's confused then what in the fcuk is the assistant state attorney supposed to do about it?!  Moving on, I guess once asa Kostrzewski tells detective Baluja what to say, he then speaks up and tells him to answer...

SI PAPI!  I think you get the idea, the depositions are full of this kind of crap, towards the end of the depositions asa Kostrzewski tires of having to speak through the detective, so he starts answering questions for the detective!  Take a look...


NO $HIT!  How efficient!  Why bother with the middle man just go ahead and answer for him!  INCREDIBLE!

See what I'm getting at folks?  Based on what we've seen in these depositions, is there any doubt who's in charge?  Is there any doubt left that it was indeed asa Bill Kostrzewski that ran the entire investigation?  It seems clear to me that Detective Baluja was nothing more than a do boy or messenger for Mr. Kostrzewski.  Now we at least have some insight as to why Mr. Kostrzewski has taken this case so personally and gets worked up and defensive when there's been criticism of how the investigation was handled.  I can only imagine the "deer caught in the headlights" look on Detective Baluja's face during the depositions!  In fact, based on what I've read from these depositions, I have to wonder if any of the other attorneys checked to see if asa Kostrzewski's hand wasn't up the detectives a$$ running him like puppet.

Have a great weekend folks!

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