Thursday, February 11, 2010

Timing is everything...

I've learned over the last few months while studying these cases of fraud and identity theft that timing is everything.  Whether we're talking about the exact date and time Bernardo Barrera claimed his identity was stolen, when the purchase contract for the Oak avenue property was signed or when the arrests in the Bernardo Barrera mortgage fraud case were made, none of these events occurred randomly, each and every one of those events were precisely timed by the people involved.  Why is it though that no one in the PD or the SAO can see what's happened?  How could the states version of events be so different from what really happened?  After all it's not like I summoned up some sort of super powers to gain some insight into this case!

For those of you in the Miami Dade Police Department and the State Attorneys Office, let me tell you a little story from back when my identity was stolen nearly 15 years ago.  Some miscreant decided to pose as me and use my identity to get a bunch of credit cards, once I found out about it, I quickly contacted all the financial institutions that I worked with and put them on notice.  All the charges were reversed and I was let off the hook for any liability that arose from the ID theft.  The problem was for nearly five years after the incident, obtaining ANY KIND OF CREDIT was a major hassle for me.  No more instant credit approvals, everything I applied for had to be manually reviewed by the company who was offering me credit so they could verify that it was really me that was trying to obtain the credit.  From there on out, my name was flagged and anything involving credit had become a nightmare for me.  A total disaster.

With that in mind, consider that Mr. Barrera had claimed that his identity was stolen in ANOTHER FRAUD case less than 30 days before he reported the ID theft in the mortgage fraud case!  With what I know from my ID theft experience, I know it would have been damn near impossible for Mr. Barrera or someone posing as Mr. Barrera to get a mortgage shortly after he cried ID theft on the other case!  Sure they would have eventually given him the mortgage, but they would have gone through the loan application with a fine tooth comb and probably looked up Mr. Barreras ass before they ever gave him a cent!  So what happened here?  I'm sure Detective Baluja went through the first identity theft case and left no stone unturned in his quest for the facts right?  I think we know better than that by now!

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