Monday, February 15, 2010

A fantastic new TV series, U.S. naval shipyard and disbarred attorney Roger Besu...

Perhaps one of the contributing factors to the creation of this blog is the lack of anything good to watch on TV, seems like as the years go by, there's less and less worth watching, even the evening news has become unwatchable.  For reasons that I can't understand, I just couldn't summon the energy to sit down and write the latest installment of our blog last night, so I decided to give TV a try and started surfing the channels.  Just as I was about to give up,
I come across a new series on HBO called "How to Make It in America", a spectacular show about a group of kids in their 20's trying to make it in the big apple.  In one of the scenes, the main characters are buying some stolen merchandise from a shady looking character at a location that they call "the docks", the scene only lasts about a minute, but somehow there was something about the location that caught my eye. 
I couldn't figure out why, but somehow I felt like "the docks" were familiar, almost like I'd been there before.  There was no mention of the location during the closing credits, so the location remained a mystery until it came to me, I'd actually been there as a child, the location the scene was shot at was the Brooklyn Navy Shipyard.  

So what's some TV show and a shipyard got to do with our blog?  The Navy decommissioned the ship yard in 1966, since then its been used as a commercial shipyard, most recently it was owned by a company called GMD Shipyard
Still confused?  A few years back when the owner of the shipyard sold it, he had the proceeds of the sale of the shipyard deposited into disbarred attorney Roger Besu's trust account.  It's from these proceeds that Mr. Besu allegedly stole over $2 million dollars then fled the country.

Small world isn't it?

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