Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another lying cop BUSTED!

Well looky here!  On the evening news tonight we find a former Surfside cop arrested for creating bogus police reports in order to help people defraud their insurance company!  NICE!  Let's take a look at the charges the state leveled against Mr. Brooks:

Oh crap!  Looks like Woodward ended up going a bit wayward!  What a sleazy thing to do.  Woodward isn't the only bad cop that got busted today, let's not forget the winner of the law enforcement $hitbag of the day, Florida State Trooper Paul C. Lawrence gets arrested today for writing fake speeding tickets!  NICE!  Forget about bending the facts to suit your needs, Trooper Lawrence would just make $hit up and ticket people that he didn't even stop!  I don't think our boy Baluja ever did anything this stupid now did he?!  I don't know Jorge, making up facts, lying about the way things occurred, any of this sound familiar?

So what does these cops have to do with our story?  The trooper is just an example of run of the mill police misconduct, but Officer Brooks has a link to our story and how assistant state attorney Bill Kostrzewski defines a "good" cop.  Does everyone remember the article from a few years back involving ASA Kostrzewski?  If not, here's a link to it.  What I find most interesting about this article is how ASA Kostrzewski characterizes the cop that's at the center of the story Sgt John Davis, from the article:
"John is an intense guy. Whether it's a small or big case, he will see it to the end."
Intense huh?  What a great way to characterize Sgt. Davis.  Seems to me though according to the article that Sgt. Davis had some sort of vendetta against the couple he was going after and yes, once he got you in his sights, he won't stop till he gets you, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.  By now you must be asking, what the hell does this have to do with our story?  Guess who Sgt. Davis's partner in crime is?  None other than Officer Woodward Brooks!  So what happened when a community activist Jay Senter outed Sgt. Davis' misdeeds in the quaint little town of Surfside?  Sgt. Davis and Officer Brooks got together and decided to plant cocaine on Mr. Senter then BUST HIM!  WTF?! 
Davis, who is head of the department's police union, was overheard planning to plant the drugs, apparently in retaliation for Senter's reporting of another officer to the FBI regarding the code violations case. Officer Woody Brooks is the second officer suspended in connection with the allegation.
Even worse, when the mayor of Surfside decides to start looking into rumors of Sgt. Davis and Officer Brooks nefarious activities, they decide to set the mayor up!  Take a look at this excerpt from the story by Michael Putney:
In another twist, Surfside Vice Mayor Howard Weinberg told Putney that the same officers were also plotting against him. Weinberg said that he stops by the Flanagan's in Surfside several nights a week to talk with constituents. He said that he was told that Davis and Brooks planned to stop him leaving Flanagan's and charge him with drunk driving. He said they planned to release dash-cam video to the news media to try to embarrass him.
But the alleged plan was never carried out -- and Putney says if it had been, the charges wouldn't have stuck because Weinberg drinks only iced tea.
HOLY CRAP!  Planting cocaine, conspiring to set up the Mayor with a fake DUI, what the hell else is next from these two cops!  The question I have to ask myself is how the hell did ASA Kostrzewski make that kind of statement to the New Times knowing full well that the cop that ran the case he was prosecuting was involved in this kind of monkey business?  I say fcuk Davis and his intensity and who gives a crap whether or not he sees a bull$hit case through till the end!  What the hell are you thinking Mr. Kostrzewski!?!?!  The more I think about this, the more confusing it gets, but then again, ASA Kostrzewski seemed overly fond of Detective Baluja as well, my favorite line from the ASA in reference to Detective Baluja is:
"...he's young, but he means well, he tries really hard."
No $hit Bill!  Funny how this ASA seems to align himself with bad cops.  Seems like ASA Kostrzewski was rather smitten with Detective Baluja, that is before he began using Jorge as the scapegoat for this steaming pile of $hit he called the Bernardo Barrera mortgage fraud case.  Once things started to get a little hot (I wonder if we had anything to do with it?) the accolades disappeared and were replaced with:
"...the Detective is incompetent, ...he's so tainted he can't be put on the stand..."
HAH!  Incompetent?  Tainted?  NAH!

Moving on, I must apologize to our readers who haven't gotten their share of dirt on disbarred attorney Roger Besu.  I've been getting TONS of tips on Mr. Besu and his activities just before he decided to flee the country, in an effort to produce the most accurate record of these events as possible, I'm holding off posting the facts until I can confirm everything.  I'd really hate to screw up sensitive facts and permanently tarnish someones reputation, it's a shame that we here at the Straw Buyer take more care in preparing our facts than say certain assistant state attorneys do...


  1. You got only half the story. Davis was on to the lies spun by the "victems" Weinberg and Senter. When they couldn't prove the story against Davis, the town hired a PI to dig up dirt, any dirt on Davis and ended up firing him on a trumped up sexual harassment charge. What did he do? He asked a female cop out! Davis has sued the town and it is still in the court.

  2. It would be nice if someone could print the truth! This was just the new Town's Administrations attempt to DISCREDIT THE INVESTIGATOR, that lead to a good cop (Sgt. Davis) getting screwed! But the case goes on and Sgt. Davis will prevail! At the cost of Tax Payers.....$650K not including back pay....$500K; Total cost $1.1 Million.

  3. O'by the way, Woody Brooks is a convicted felony, who has not been arrested twice; that sounds like a real creditable witness against a good cop (Davis) who was clearly targeted by the new (Criminal Friendly) Town Administration!!