Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Time for a GARAGE SALE at the Besu residence!

So, you've ripped off a client for two million +++, what are you going to do next?  Have a garage sale of course!  We received this email a couple of days ago regarding disgraced attorney Roger Besu who is accused of stealing over two million dollars from one of his clients.  Take a look:

"As soon as Roger Besu and his wife left the country, the whole family mobilized they sold off the property on palm island, the twin engine airplane etc, they went with a U-haul and removed all of there personal belonging and took it to Babelyn Gonzalez (step-daughters) house she sold most of it for cash (garage sale). Several times Babelyn traveled out of the country ie costa Rica were Rogers wifes (barbara) brother lives ?, and other central and south american countries, the family new were they Roger and Barbara were, they are all guilty. In late August Babelyn went to NYC to visit Rebecca Besu to see Barbara Besu she was flying in to see them. why dont the police interview Babelyn Gonzalez, Christopher, George Besu, Rebecca Besu, Cristy Besu. "
Wow.  I haven't been able to confirm any of that information from our anonymous tipster yet, so take the information in the email with a grain of salt.  We're off to the courthouse to get some new information, we'll have an update a little later.


  1. Thats good information!! Am sure all that is true!! they all together in this!!!!

  2. Im the anonymous tipster who informed you about Roger Besu family mobilization. I know the family very well, closer than I would like to . Ill tell you a little bit about this family, Roger was married w Cecilia and her daughter was Cristy Besu, Barbara was Rogers mistress for many years. Barbara was married to Omar and has Babeyln and Christopher Gonzalez, Barbara like and good bitch got her man with money, a secretary landed a lawyer, they both destroyed there prior marriages and intern screwed up the kids. They got married and had Rebecca & Catherine Besu, everyone in that family does drugs, Barbara is a drunk, they never took care of any of the children all they would do is give them money so they are happy, that family is so screwed up its a true disfunctional family. So when I tell you the police checks Babelyn passport they will see im right and also the whole family, (Besu Klan). I know they sold the airplane, they also own two (2) condos on the miami river and also the property in the bahamas, its because I know that family, Im only saying this because that poor old man they stole that monies from, should get all his money back.

  3. Why be anonymous? It seems to me you should take credit for the vast information you claim to know and have so generously provided. What are you afraid of? You should also remember that what goes around comes around......your thyroid cancer may just come back.

  4. Thyroid cancer? My thyroid is just fine, thanks. Thanks for the concern though! Btw how are those eggs in the hen house doing?

    You're right though "anonymous" comentator, what comes around certainly does go around, I'm just get started, so buckle up.