Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A trip down SW 22 avenue and a reading assignment for our readers...

What are we doing going down SW 22 avenue today?  At least some of our readers from the MDPD and the State Attorneys Office may have taken a trip to 527 SW 22 avenue looking for someone recently, how did that trip work out for you?  We here at the Straw Buyer could have saved our friends in law enforcement the trip, all they had to do was to look here to see who was at that address. 

Unfortunately this is probably the first time anyone in law enformcenet or from the state attorneys office has ever checked this address out, this empty lot is just one of the many inconsistancies in paperwork and statements that the states victim, Bernardo Barrera has made throught the course of this case.  Too bad that we have to be the ones that uncover these facts. 

Regardless, let's move on to a reading assignment for our readers.  Now and again, I'll read something that leaves me completely floored, today I came across one of those articles that left me just that way.  Take a look at this excellent article by Carlos Miller on his blog, what a novel concept, police going after bloggers that are critical of their work!  Incredible. 

Also, whoever made the comment about Detective Baluja's grandfather, please understand that I'm not interested in anyones personal lives, if there's no relation to our story, then forget it.  On the other hand if Detective Baluja's grandfather is somehow related to our story, then please give us some more detail so we can follow up.

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