Friday, April 15, 2011

How many millions of dollars did our government waste on the Barry Bonds prosecution?


After years of relentlessly pursuing baseball star Barry Bonds, the government has finally gotten a conviction against him.  At what cost though?  I can only imagine how many millions of dollars the government has spent let alone what Mr. Bonds has spent defending himself only for the jury to find him guilty on a single count of obstruction of justice!  Does any of this make sense?  How could you possibly justify going after a retired baseball player for simply lying about using steroids when he was playing baseball?

Honestly, doesn't the government have better things to do with their resources?  How could attorney general Eric Holder let his prosecutors waste their precious resources going after someone as insignificant as Bonds?  Consider the type of crimes and rampant corruption that goes on in Miami government alone that goes unpunished, commissioners that routinely perjure themselves, mayors and their staff caught misappropriating millions of dollars of federal money, illegal campaign donations by vendors looking to garner favors from politicians and lobbyists/bag men who get outrageously wealthy by pulling the strings to get their clients whatever they need.  What about the corruption we've talked about within law enforcement?  People's civil rights getting violated every single day, getting denied their rights to due process, prosecutors hiding and fabricating evidence, etc.  None of that is as important as bringing down a washed up baseball player and humiliating him publicly by engaging witnesses and jilted ex lovers who have an axe to grind with him.  

I'll rest a lot easier tonight thinking about Mr. Bonds shriveled balls, growing neck and head, impotency and horrible acne as a result of his steroid abuse while I contemplate the millions of dollars our government has spent only to achieve a nonsensical verdict against an unimportant washed up retired baseball player.


  1. What about the cost of the nearly two month long plantation cops trail? All that time and money because the government alleges they lied on mortgage applications!

  2. Yes!! I read this blog every day for information on that specific trial (plantation cops) - Feed me!!

  3. That's what happens when prosecutors think they can get good press by going after low hanging fruit. They thought they had an open and shut case but through ineptitude or straight up incompetence they took an easy win and turned it into a drawn out national (non)issue. Doesn't say much about them when they have such a clear cut case and still take years to win what should have been an easy victory.

  4. This is what happens when a prosecutor needs a trophy case on his resume in order to get a promotion or make him self look important before he leaves the government and goes into private practice. Whether it's Barry Bonds, the attorney who Bill K arrested that you wrote about early on or the plantation cops that are being put through the ringer over the last year.

    Shame these people need to step on other people's heads and destroy them simply to get ahead.

  5. At least the taxpayers didn't have to pay for the defense of Mr. Bonds, he's got money to spare and his reputation was already shot and he will never have to interview for a job again. In the plantation trial there are now at least 4 defendants that the taxpayers are paying to defend, and once these guys win they WILL have to explain why they were sencelessly prosecuted when they need a job later.

  6. There's hell to pay when you lie to the court, that is unless you're a cop or a prosecutor. Seems like they're always given a free pass...