Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Defense rests in the Plantation Cops mortgage fraud trail.


From what we’re told the defense rested yesterday in the Plantation Cops federal mortgage fraud trial, closing arguments are expected this morning and the case is expected to get to the jury this afternoon.  It’s been nearly two months since the start of this trial, I have to wonder how much information the jury has been able to retain?  Our courtroom observers have told us that most of the jury had a hard time keeping awake during the six weeks of the prosecution’s case and that across the board they looked bored off their asses.  On the other hand, it looks like the defense took only two weeks to present their case, I’m not exactly sure why it took six weeks for the prosecution.

So what do you guys think?  At least one of the jurors has said that there’s nothing that’s going to change her mind about the defendants innocence, isn’t that one juror enough to screw up the case for the prosecution?  In my opinion there’s no way the jury is going to find any of these guys guilty.  Why?  It’s simple, these guys aren’t accused of stealing millions or defrauding the banks and leaving them with a laundry list of busted out houses that are in foreclosure.  The crux of the government’s case against these guys is that they lied on mortgage applications in order to obtain the loans that are at the center of the indictment.  The reason that they will not be found guilty is because there isn’t a single member of that jury or one of their family members that hasn’t done the same.  In fact, I’d be willing to bet that some of the very jury members that now sit in judgment of these cops has been involved with some sort of real estate investment/flip scheme over the last ten years therefore making a guilty verdict the ultimate expression of hypocrisy.  We’ll know the outcome soon enough, I’ll update as soon as there’s anything new.


  1. It will surely be interesting to see what Joe G. trial will bring......

  2. OK ... the prosecution's case may not have gone as they had planned but to say these guys are "innocent" is a bit of a stretch. We are talking about over 60 real estate transactions and they say they didn't know what was going on and were duped by the two mortgage brokers??? And yet they signed all the final documents at closing??? Most people have a tough enough time qualifying for one mortgage and they didn't think it was strange that they qualified for MULTIPLE mortgages? There is an old addage ... fool me once, shame on you ... fool me twice, shame on me! I for one do not think you can call them "innocent".

  3. 10:46, I don't disagree. Perhaps the next trial is going to go differently.

  4. Joe G. is toast. These guys may get off but there's no way he's walking.

  5. More games by the Government! There is not 60 plus transactions. In total in this case 22 two guys only invested in 1 or 2. It is pretty sad what the Government will do to try to prove there case! Operation CopOut says it all. There Ego's will not let them admit we were wrong. The Jury will get it right. Not Guilty all counts!

    This has been a complete waste of time, even the Herald stated the brokers did this 2000 times! Hello! 2000 other victims not defendants says it all.

    Anyone with a brain can see, not one wall street insider has been arrested. The Government wants us to believe it's the consumers. What a joke maybe if they picked brain dead people for Jurors.

  6. Joe and Dennis are scumbags. Look at their history while with Plantation PD. One gets fired the other was pretty much forced to resign or get fired. I feel sorry for their mother. How many lawsuits is she in with Joe?
    Joe and Dennis remind me of the movie Dumb and Dumber.