Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Maquinitas, games of skill or games of chance?

If you believe the shit the City of Miami feeds us, then the gaming machines at the center of the shit ultimately ended with the firing of the city's police chief, are nothing more than games that the players can win based on their "skills" and are therefore perfectly legal.

Last time we left off with talking about the expert witness's report regarding these gaming machines and how the current powers that be over at the City of Miami did whatever they could to keep the expert's report from ever seeing the light of day.  As we mentioned, a private citizen dug into their own pocket, paid for the report then sent it over to us.  Now, before we look at the report, remember that according to Florida statute 849.16:

(1)  Any machine or device is a slot machine or device within the provisions of this chapter if it is one that is adapted for use in such a way that, as a result of the insertion of any piece of money, coin, or other object, such machine or device is caused to operate or may be operated and if the user, by reason of any element of chance or of any other outcome of such operation unpredictable by him or her, may:
(a)  Receive or become entitled to receive any piece of money, credit, allowance, or thing of value, or any check, slug, token, or memorandum, whether of value or otherwise, which may be exchanged for any money, credit, allowance, or thing of value or which may be given in trade; or
(b)  Secure additional chances or rights to use such machine, apparatus, or device, even though it may, in addition to any element of chance or unpredictable outcome of such operation, also sell, deliver, or present some merchandise, indication of weight, entertainment, or other thing of value.

So what it comes down to is very simple, is the games outcome determined by the computer or is the outcome determined by the "skills" of the player?  Take a look at the report and see what the expert says...
Maquinita Expert Report by Bob Sertell

Anyone surprised by what the expert found?  We'll discuss the details of this report in depth next time...

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  1. “Maquinitas” are inherently illegal. Through lobbyist’s serving the “Maquinitas’” interests, pliable Florida legislators crafted a safe harbor for the “Maquinita” cabal within the language of FSS 849.161. The key distinction between a “Maquinita” and a slot machine is the “Maquinita’s” statutorily required capacity to provide players with a mechanical option to manipulate the game by the application of skills. As we read in the Exposito procured expert’s report, such option is glaring absent from “Maquinitas”. They are unlawful slot machines, brazenly operating within venues not licensed for such activities; while providing a stream of illegally derived income for their operators, purveyors and in the process paying little or no Federal and Florida taxes. Illegal dollars that then go to support the political campaigns of “pliable” politicos. If this is not Organized Crime at its most insidious, as defined below, what is?
    Ongoing conspiratorial enterprise engaged in illicit activities as a means of generating income. Structured like a business into a pyramid shaped hierarchy, it freely employs violence and bribery to maintain its operations, threats of grievous retribution (including murder) to maintain internal and external control through thuggery and contribution to election campaigns to buy political patronage for immunity from exposure and prosecution.