Thursday, May 3, 2012

Trying to understand what's going on with that ethics investigation...

I wonder how that investigation by the Miami Dade County Ethics Commission is going?  You all remember when we discovered that the City of South Miami was doing business with it's police chief's wife's business right?  We discovered that this business relationship was a clear violation of the city's own code of ethics and clearly against the county's code of ethics as well.  As we reported a while back, the Miami Dade County Ethics Commission found this business relationship so interesting that it decided to conduct an investigation to see what was going on down at South Miami.

While I was over at the ethics commission, I met with its head, Joe Centorino, and was then introduced to the investigator who was going to look into the strange relationship between the city and the chief's wife's business. The investigator I met that was assigned to the City of South Miami seemed a little less enthusiastic than I thought he would be about this case, at the time I couldn't figure out why.  Regardless, I told him everything that I knew and he basically told me that he'd get back to me after he had a chance to look at everything.  In the interim, I sent this investigator several emails to no avail.  I figured that they're doing their thing and it would be best to sit back and wait, so I left it at that.

Fast forward to last night when I got a bombshell dropped on me.  One of my sources tells me last night that the investigator assigned to South Miami is good close personal friends with the City of South Miami city manager, Hector Mirable, who is obviously tight with the chief!  So much for a fair and unbiased investigation!  It's no wonder that this investigator seemed uninterested in what I was telling him and it's rather obvious that considering the relationship between the investigator and the people that he was "supposedly" investigating that this ethics complaint wasn't going to go no where.  Oh well!


  1. This surprises you? There are two types of internal investegations in any city hall, whitewashes and frameups. There are no honest investigations.

  2. Mike, Can you tell us the name of the inestigator. I may recognize his name and fill in the pieces of the puzzle. I am retired MPD..

  3. No shit! I'm told the investigator is also retired MPD, his name is Manuel Diaz. If you'd like, feel free to send any info you may have to

    Thanks for the help!

  4. The North ObserverMay 3, 2012 at 10:40 PM


    Be careful. This is a bullshit investigation. Both the Chief and City Manager, Mirable, know Manuel Diaz from their days working at the City of Miami. There has not been one meaningful case in the last several years that Diaz has investigated and the ethical person who has reported the wrongdoing has not been fired.

  5. Mike i feel sorry for you, you been doing such a good job and they even DONT care the reason its simple when you try to go by the LAW because that is what you been doing, they look at you like an alien, its like you dont belong to this planet. They are the corrupt.But soon or later one of them its not going to be happy or want the chair of the BIGMAN and bammmm he will going down. In the mint time lets keep ourself here dowm to watch it.

  6. Economic motivation - financial need or gain is the most common motivation for fraud and corruption. Often, persons convicted of fraud and corruption complain that they had unbearable financial problems for which there was no legitimate recourse.

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    Prestige or recognition – persons may feel they deserve more prestige or more recognition. These persons are often motivated by jealousy, revenge, anger, or pride. They often believe that they are superior to others, that they are shrewd enough to confound and confuse others and can commit fraud and corruption without being discovered or detected.

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  7. Mike, you proved to us that local investigators suck and can't enforce the laws fairly and equally then we to take it to the next level like FDLE etc etc. Your followers should send reposts of your blog to everybody they can think of...Great Job...