Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Did you have a chance to check out the City of South Miami NCIC logs?

So did you guys have a chance to look at the City of South Miami PD NCIC logs?  Admittedly, I've been too busy to take a close look, but I did scan them briefly.  Here are some names that stood out for me...

Joe Klock
On February 3, 2011 the chief asked to look up the criminal history of a fellow named Joseph Klock, this name stood out as I was listening to him talking on the radio the other day about one of his clients, Matthew Greer.  If I'm not mistaken, this guy the chief looked up is none other than super lawyer Joe Klock of RASCO KLOCK PEREZ & NIETO!  Why the hell was the chief looking up Mr. Klock?  Perhaps Mr. Klock was involved in some sort of criminal activity that the chief was looking into?  Or maybe Mr. Klock was retained by someone to go against the chief or the city of South Miami and the chief just decided to take a peek into Mr. Klock's past to see if there was some way he could screw with him?  Interesting.  If any of you guys have any idea what went on here, drop me a note via Silent Sender or simply leave a comment, either way your anonymity is guaranteed.

On to the next name that caught our eye...

Jose Basulto
If you can decipher that chicken scratch, it looks like it says Jose Basulto.  Could that be Brothers to the Rescue Jose Basulto?  Hero to the Cuban exile community Jose Basulto?  The aviator that risked life and limb to save Cuban rafters throughout the 90's?  The same Jose Basulto whose organisation's purpose is to... 
"support the efforts of the Cuban people to free themselves from dictatorship through the use of active nonviolence".  
If so, how ironic that Mr. Basulto's background is being checked by a fellow named Castro!

Perhaps I'm mistaken, maybe there's more than one person running around South Miami with the same names as the fellows we wrote about today, but then again maybe not.  We'll have to dig a little deeper into this NCIC log stuff and see what we come up with.  Tomorrow we'll talk about all those redactions that come up in the logs and see whether or not they're legal.


  1. Send this to FDLE

  2. It is written policy for anyone that comes to the South Miami Police Dept. and goes to the Front Counter for any reason, the Dispatcher will ask for a Photo ID or take their Info. She or He will then run a Computer Check to see if they are Wanted!!
    Any other questions Mikey??

    1. Correct me if I am wrong. What you are saying is that if I went to SMPD to make a police report that I was robbed, somebody would run a check on me before I could make out a report???

    2. Let's say you have a Warrant for 1st degree Murder from South Carolina and you come into the Police Dept for the Accident Report...and you then leave and commit another Murder. You really think that no one will sue the Police Dept for letting you leave??

  3. What has that got to do with NCIC requests? You cannot just sit down and surf the system all day long to snoop on everyone who comes to mind, that is in the least abuse of power.

  4. Better put in for a public request of the "written policy" quick before it is redacted!