Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse...

Really, just when you thought you'd heard and seen it all.  If corrupt politicians and cops who get a free pass when caught red handed committing crimes and ethical breaches by the members of the political machine wasn't enough, now the powers that be here in Miami Dade County have gone ahead and all but eliminated the Miami Dade County Police Department's Public Corruption Bureau!  Elaine de Valle broke the story yesterday, she sums it up best here...
"Guess we're done with the public corruption in this town! Already? Really? Really? We don't need them anymore? We don't have any more fake companies securing county contracts to bilk the taxpayers out of millions?"
Unreal, but it makes perfect sense.  Perhaps the folks over at the public corruption bureau were getting a little too close for comfort for the people that run this town, after all, anyone that's been around here long enough knows of cases that the MDPD police have put together against the powers that be that have ended up lost in the State Attorneys Office or kept under lock and key by the upper management of the SAO and then mysteriously reappear just as the statute of limitations runs out.  Eliminating those pesky detectives who keep digging up dirt on these folks is the perfect solution.

What we're seeing here in Miami Dade County is no different than what goes on in third world countries ruled by dictators, oppressive dictators that control the government, the courts, the police, etc.  We can't even elect these goons out of office cause they control the elections through the old folks homes and the absentee ballot scams!  WTF!?


  1. 4 were transferred to the FBI, while the other 12 were moved to other units. 8 left behind. Looks like a very deliberate dilution of anti-corruption effort amed at derailing the absentee ballot investigation involving Gimenez.

  2. It is official, Miami is the septic tank of the United States.