Friday, January 31, 2014

A quick look at the mayor candidates in South Miami's upcoming election.

The Miami Herald did a pretty good piece that in my opinion went unnoticed regarding the mayoral candidates in South Miami's upcoming election.  Here's a few quick quotes from the three candidates...

From incumbent City of South Miami mayor, Phillip Stoddard...

“Professionalism is important, but so is neighborliness,” Stoddard said. “A really big issue for me is corruption. The government doesn’t work if people don’t trust it, so it’s really critical in our small city.”

Fair enough.  It's unfortunate that in a state where our own congressman Alan Grayson claims that we have "more corrupt officials than alligators" that we don't have more like public officials fighting governmental corruption.

Next up we have political newcomer Rodney Williams.  Mr Williams who is currently a barber in South Miami has had a few brushes with the law in the past and want's to use his run ins with the law to help his fellow citizens...

“My arrests and situations happened,” Williams said. “I did some things and got arrested as a person not afraid to speak his mind. Some officers take offense to this. The officers have a job to do. My goal now is to encourage the younger guys to understand the law and if you are ignorant to the law, to just keep your mouth closed.”

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Ok, that reminds me of this like minded attorney's business card, check the fine print...

Last but not least we have current city commissioner, Valerie Newman, who is also running for the Mayor's seat, unfortunately, the Herald article only gives us this...
"Newman declined to be interviewed by the Miami Herald."
That's strange?  Why wouldn't a candidate in an election only days away refuse to be interviewed by the regions largest newspaper?  In lieu of a remark from candidate Newman, the Herald was kind enough to leave us with this bit about the esteemed commissioner...
In 2011, the Miami-Dade Commission on Ethics and Public Trust dismissed a slew of complaints against Newman, but issued a letter telling her that "rude, boorish and tyrannical behavior by elected officials, while perhaps not actionable under an ethics code, is inexcusable nevertheless."
That's nice, "rude, boorish and tyrannical behavior", those make for some especially endearing qualities for a public servant!

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  1. Valerie Newman sounds like Carlos Gimenez and Marc Sarnoff.

  2. Mike check this one out:

  3. Valerie Newman is not like that at all. She's very friendly, open, approachable, and not like a Politician. She's interested in the best for South Miami, and is really easy to talk to - people would do better getting to know someone before they throw mud. I can only guess that maybe some bad experience or misunderstanding has kept her from being interviewed by the Miami Herald. She's very easy to talk to, so there seems to be something missing in this reproach.

    1. She's as venomous as a snake, and would be a disaster as the Mayor. Watch the YouTube videos where she talks down to people, berates them, and lectures - this is not the person we want leading the city

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