Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Does any of our work here really matter?

Honestly, after nearly five years of writing about all kinds of mischief that takes place down here in Dade County, does any of what we've done over the years really matter?  I have to admit, I haven't been writing much lately partly because I've been swamped at work, but part of not keeping up with the blog has to do with the frustration of watching the same old shit going on day in and day out.  No matter how many scams and schemes we uncover, no matter how many times we bust politicians and public figures with their hands in the cookie jar or out them for being involved in some nefarious scheme or another, it just seems like nothing happens.

Sure we've gotten our fair share of people indicted, we've managed to get a fire chief thrown in jail, a police chief fired, as well as saved a few people from going to jail but considering the magnitude of some of the cases that we've written about, we should have seen ten times the amount of arrests and indictments that we've seen.  Same old shit, day in day out, all in all it's a bit disheartening.

With that said though, I was just about to give up on the fair city of South Miami, what with the dirty police chief gone, and the politicians that are running for office swearing to their constituents that if elected they wouldn't bring him back, it seemed like our work was done.  I was willing to walk away until one of our readers called me and told me that none other than disgraced former City of South Miami police chief, Orlando Martinez de Castro, was actually driving commissioner and candidate for Mayor of South Miami, Valeria Newman, around to different campaign functions.

The fuck you say?  Why the hell would this guy be driving Newman around if not to curry favor with her if she became mayor?  I hardly think the Mr de Castro is angling for a job as Newman's chauffeur?!  Any thoughts?


  1. I heard he is single now so he can hang out with any chick he wants.

  2. Mike, Don't give up...You are da man

  3. Martinez de Castro wants the city commission to settle his case and pay him off without his having to undergo deposition.

  4. Castro is doing a bang of a job driving Ms. Newman

  5. Please keep writing. The city of South Miami is a soap opera, and, the ever-shifting face of the City Commission, and their ability to hire/fire City Managers, is the cause of the overall malaise.

    Maybe it is naïve to think that people are drawn to government because of a desire to be involved in public service - to make their community a better place to live? Why does South Miami seem to summon up the odd-balls, the cranks and the grand-standers to run for the city commission? Straw Buyer - your blog is important, and it does provide a valuable public service: you are usually right on the money, in calling out the crooks and rooting out scandals.

    It might be difficult for an ordinary citizen to understand the politics at work - and what needs to happen to make this City a better place. What you do helps, a lot.

    I can tell you one thing: the absolute worst outcome of the upcoming election would be for Valerie Newman to be elected Mayor. She is a despot, a scheming, conniving personality who would create even more conflict and chaos. At a recent commission meeting, the single most repulsive character involved in city government, Sharon McCain, was forced to identify where she was living. Having to suffer again through her bi-weekly five minute diatribes, her accusations and hysteria, she admitted her residence: the home of Valerie Newman. That's all you need to know folks. One of the craziest people in the known world is living with Commissioner Newman.

    If Newman is elected, South Miami can expect more firings and more instability. Was she not the direct cause of Ajibola's ouster, and a subsequent $350K payment to settle his lawsuit? Our tax-dollars at work. Roger Carlton lasted all of six months, why did he leave? With the city's misguided hiring of Hector Mirabile, Newman fought to save him, because his police-state bullying matched up with the way that Newman sees the world - agree with me, or you are wrong. And will be terminated.

    I'm not sure what Newman's platform is, and what her vision for the City of South Miami is? The city needs stability, for the new City Manager to settle in, and to have an opportunity to build a better team. I don't know if a new City Manager is on her agenda, or maybe she is plotting the return of Martinez de Castro?

    Newman is not the face of reasoned discourse. Or, of a civilized populous. She is not a leader, or a consensus builder. She is divisive and spiteful, and would serve in the manner of a third world dictator. I pray that she is roundly defeated, otherwise the City of South Miami will continue to be the laughing stock of South Florida municipalities.

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