Friday, March 7, 2014

It's a matter of perspective.

Really, it is a matter of perspective.  Two different people can view the same situation in two completely different ways.  Let's cut to the chase today and compare the two accounts of what happened that fateful night back in 1986 at 2:26 am when a future detective gets pulled over by a sworn officer for having an improper exhaust and see just how different their accounts of what happened really are.

We'll start with what the suspect claims had happened in a letter that he sent in as part of his job application to the City of South Miami PD.  I'm going to skip the part about why and where he got pulled over as there's no dispute about that, here we go...
"While reaching for my driver's license and registration, I realized I had left my wallet at my friends car earlier that day, so I turned around and told the officer I did not have my drivers license with me but I did have my registration and handed it to him."
The cop said..
"...he stated that he didn't have his license with him and began looking for the registration and began looking for the registration in a black zipper bag." 
Ok,  so the subject said he left his wallet at his friends house but then after arresting the subject, the officer finds of all things, THE SUBJECTS WALLET...
"Search of wallet produced a Florida restricted drivers license #____________ which was altered by changing the expiration date with D's year of birth from 67 to 63."

Not only did the police officer find the subjects wallet that was allegedly left in a friends car, but he also managed to find the subjects drivers license as well!

Let's keep going, in his letter the subject goes on to say...
"The officer then lit the inside of the vehicle with his flashlight and noticed there were three passengers in the vehicle and also noticed a small empty vile (sic) lying inside the vehicle.  The officer pointed to it and asked me to get it for him.  As I handed it to him, I informed the officer that the vile (sic) did not belong to me and that I had never seen it before."
Ok, it sounds plausible, let's see what the officer saw...

"...he began looking for the registration in a black zipper bag.  This officer saw in the bag and observed a small brown glass vial containing a white powder residue suspect cocaine (sic).  Search of D's black bag further produced an envelope containing job cigarette papers and D's insurance papers, court records in D's name."

Wait a minute now, the subject says the vial of cocaine was on the floor while the cop said it was inside a black zipper bag along with a bunch of other crap that was undeniably the subject's!  Unless then we are to believe that the subject asked the fellows riding in the car with him to hide "their" vial of cocaine inside his "black zipper bag" that contained all his personal stuff.  Honestly, WTF?

Obviously, someone's full of shit.  I'll reiterate, it's not a matter of a young kid making a mistake and getting caught with some drugs in his car, it's a matter of a "man" several decades later deliberately misleading a police department about a mistake he made decades before.  Big difference, especially when the position he's looking to fill requires the utmost honesty and integrity and to uphold the laws of our state.  It's more than a matter of perspective, it's about deliberately misleading someone.

More coming, until then, have a great weekend!


  1. "I realized I left my wallet at my friends car."
    Heck, that could happen to anybody. I often leave my wallet at my friends car, don't you?

  2. I try that to so I don’t spend all my rent money when Im to f_ed up to know my head from my ass. One time my wallet was still there when I come back for it 2 days later. I was so happy I cried but then I throwd up right there on my f_ing wallet! Can you believe that?? But its ok now cause my wallet looks and smells so bad aint nobdy gonna touch it even if I leave it on the car hood insted of on the tire like usual. So yeah man I can relate to this dude.

    1. Sounds like you have a bit of a problem!
      If you need to leave your wallet with a friend so you don't spend your rent money? Grow-up, if you spend your rent money - your ass is homeless! but NO it's more important to you to get F**ked-Up - sounds like a problem to me ???

  3. Relate to the Dude? Fucking Dude ended up being a cop later in life. This means he lied like a motherfucker prior to the academy and he his lying again! WTF this is the foundation that all dirty cops on built on. I have been an LEO for 32 yrs and this how these POS make it difficult for Boy Scouts like me...Fuck em all.