Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Maybe it's all a misunderstanding?

While the detective who lied on his employment application about his previous drug arrest never admits why he forgot to tell the police department that he's currently working for about his past criminal history, he does make a fairly novel attempt at explaining away the whole incident in a letter I found the other day.  Take a look for yourselves...

Now, go back and compare that narrative to the police report we posted a few days back, take a good look, we'll discuss in detail tomorrow.


  1. Does this now fall on Landa's lap?

  2. The blogger should not waste his time on this. Another avenue he should pursue are the police records of the majority of Stoddard's supporters who are summoned when he calls as well as Commissioners Harris's family including his wife, as well as other Cocoplum neighbors who serve on city committees as well as supporters who live in the CRA. When the blogger accomplishes that he should look into why Commissioner Harris requested that the South Miami employee at the community center was not let go because there was a drug bust in his/her home. No excuses blogger, it is what it is, and just because the Mayor and his flunkees wanted the CRA vote and didn't want to stir up the pot is no reason to not follow the law. We all know why the blogger doesn't report the truth, it is because the Mayor told him not to. Have a great deay

    1. Anon why don't you post the "truth" about this employee??
      Public record requests?
      Do the leg work!?!?!?
      Did the Mayor tell you not to??
      Have a great day!

    2. Is a "great deay" one spent with the DEA?

    3. Is this week resignation of the south miami community center director connected to drug bust? or of course something else?

      Ex-South Miami cop named in Sweetwater case

      Richard Muñoz, a 15-year South Miami veteran until his retirement last year, pleaded guilty March 14 on charges of taking advantage of his position and using false information with intent to commit fraud.
      Muñoz’s crimes may be linked to charges against Sweetwater officer William García, arrested in August on charges of identity theft and credit card fraud, but public documents in the federal case did not provide details. However, sources familiar to the case said Muñoz, 45, will be an important witness against García.

      Muñoz, who was arrested on March 10, reached a plea agreement with federal prosecutors last week after he agreed to be on a list of more than 50 potential witnesses against García when his trial begins in April.

      Muñoz had pleaded not guilty when he was first arrested. He is now free on bail and his sentencing has been scheduled for May 9, at which time he could face up to five years in prison.

      South Miami Police Chief Rene Landa said on Wednesday that the crimes committed by Muñoz do not reflect the culture of his department.

      “We were not aware of these activities until now, when they were made public,” Landa said. Muñoz was detached to the Drug Enforcement Administration on a task force for more than a year, Landa said.

      http://www.miamiherald.com/2014/03/27/4 ... water.html

  3. Ok, fair enough. Send me whatever you have to thestrawbuyer@gmail.com

  4. Would like to see the blogger actually post stuff on time.. still waiting for the next part.

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