Monday, July 27, 2009

Regret. An interesting insight, STRAW BUYER STYLE!

So I'm chilling with a few friends the other night talking up a storm about people and their escapades over the last few years, status quo until my buddy drops a BOMB! He tells me about a guy that was using straw buyers to buy and flip homes, they'd pay the straw buyer $5,000 to $15,000 for the use of their credit then either buy and flip a home (quasi legit) or just cash out a ton of money and walk away. In this instance the guy who sold his credit had a falling out with the people who were running the scam and even though this guy actually went to the closing and signed all the documents, guess what he turned around and did?


DAMN! WTF IS THAT ABOUT! The cops didn't buy it, did they? Come on, no one would buy that line of crap! Guess what? They bought it HOOK LINE AND SINKER! The bank that made the loan removed the loan from the Straw Buyers credit and went after the people who put the deal together! Here we are a couple of years later and the Straw Buyer in casual conversation is actually bragging how he ratted the group out, got the money for selling his credit and in the end got the loan taken off his credit history!

Sound familiar? Perhaps the straw buyer had remorse after realizing that he had whored himself out for a few grand? Not likely. I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest the following two scenarios:

  • The straw buyer realized that what they had done was wrong and in a fit of guilt decided to call the cops. Yeah right.
  • The straw buyer realized that the other people involved in the scam made A $HITLOAD OF MONEY and wanted more $$$$$!
The latter sounds more like MIAMI doesn't it? I can almost imagine the conversation, "hey you MF's made off with $________ and all I got was this lousy $__! Pay up or I'm going to the cops!

Now that's remorse, STRAW BUYER STYLE!

What kind of idiot would run to the cops and sell themselves out like that? After all, the Straw Buyer would implicate himself if he ratted out the whole scheme! Not when there's a new Mortgage Fraud Task Force that helped create new legislation requiring a 10 year minimum mandatory sentence for ID Theft! I'm guessing the cops eat this stuff up and look the other way to make these kinds of cases and the headlines that come with them!

What boggles the mind is that EVERYONE down here knew about these schemes, so why didn't the cops look into this guy who screamed ID THEFT? I don't know the details of this case other than what's posted above, but I'm sure Detective Jorge Baluja turned Bernardo Barrera's (the victim from the story in the herald that this blog is about) life upside down examining his claims of ID theft, right? RIGHT? From what I've seen over the last year, it seems to me that cops have trouble seeing whats in plain sight. I'm really beginning to wonder...

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