Friday, March 5, 2010

Environmental trust funds, $65,000 toilets and prosecuting a dead man...

We talked about the MDPD misspending federal monies set aside in a trust fund created for the sole purpose investigating environmental crimes a few weeks back.  Monies spent on SUV's, Iphones, assault rifles and tens of thousands of dollars in travel expenses, but now comes this bombshell, a SIXTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLAR MOBILE TOILET!  You have to wonder what such a thing looks like, maybe its got gold plated toilets like what disgraced attorney and ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein had in his home?

Jim DeFede did an excellent job covering the story here.  We found the following quote from his story most interesting...
Miami-Dade Police is paying for this 24-foot-long rest room with money from a special trust fund which is only supposed to be used to investigate environmental crimes.
As the CBS4 I-TEAM previously reported, the Inspectors General Offices for both Miami-Dade County and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency are examining how the department is using those funds.Why would the police department need to build their own five-ton roving restroom and shower trailer, After all the county has standing contracts to rent that sort of equipment when the need arises. But the police official responsible for overseeing the trust fund has repeatedly been refusing our request for an interview
That certainly doesn't sound good.  I can't imagine considering the economic crisis our county is in, how anyone could have justified such an expenditure.  

Moving along, check out this article from 15 years ago, a 77 year old man that was being prosecuted drops dead while waiting for Assistant State Attorney Kostrzewski to try him, his defense attorney makes a statement about his deceased client to the press basically saying he was the fall guy for other people he was doing business with.  Now, the reporter asks Mr. Kostrzewski for a comment and what does he do?  Does he bow out gracefully?  Does he pay his respects to the man he was prosecuting and say something befitting his role as a representative of the State Attorneys Office?  Check it...

Get him Bill!  Maybe you can nail him in the afterlife!  Who cares, the guy is DEAD NOW!  WHAT FCUKING DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?  Why make this kind of comment now after he's passed away?!  I think that comment says it all, this is just another example of the fabric that Assistant State Attorney Bill Kostrzewski is made of. 

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  1. What a douche nozzle

  2. No one ever said prosecutors had to be nice.

  3. If this was done by a private sector employee, they would be fired on the spot. We, as tax payers should not stand for this kind of self serving abuse of our taxes. Who is responsible for this project? And when will they be fired?