Wednesday, March 24, 2010

So what about those signatures from yesterday?

Did everyone have a chance to check out the signatures we posted yesterday and determine which ones were signed by Bernardo Barrera and which ones were forgeries?  Once again, here are the signatures as they appeared in yesterdays post:

Let's take a look at some of your guesses and see what we got:
  • S, T & U are fake.
  • S,t,u would be the obvious choice but they all look like they came from the same hand.
  • S,T, & U stand apart...and yes they do look like they came from the same hand.
We would have to agree with these three commentors, the signatures S, T and U look completely different than the rest of the signatures.
  • Same signature 21 different times.
  • same signature, different times, different circumstances.
  • ditto 
This conclusion is understandable as well as there are similarities in all 21 signatures, same style of writing, some style of letters, etc.  One could conclude that perhaps the person signing these signatures was in a different psychological state when they were executing the signatures and therefore having different styles of signing the same signature.
  • abc, de, fghijkl, mnop, qr, stu all seem to be different people to me...whadda i win?
Ok, this conclusion is understandable as well.  According to this opinion, there are six different styles of signatures executed by six different people.

Let's take a look at where the signatures came from (click on the links to view the sources of the signatures in full size)...
  1. A and B were obtained from Bernardo Barrera's divorce file from back in 2005.
  2. C was obtained from a letter Mr. Barrera wrote to the court in regards to the civil foreclosure of the oak avenue home.
  3. D and E were signatures obtained from the documents on file with the state of Florida for the fraudulent corporation that Mr. Barrera opened back in late 2008.
  4. F through L were signatures that we obtained from the loan application that was submitted for the fraudulent mortgage for the Oak Avenue home.
  5. M through R were signatures obtained from the mortgage for Mr. Barrera's primary residence.
  6. And last but not least, S, T and U were signatures that Mr. Barrera submitted to the MDPD as samples of his real signature!
So there you have it folks, six different instances of Mr. Barrera's signature with only one instance where the signatures were supposedly forged.  Now, we know our readers are of higher than average intellect (that is with the exception of that one member of the MDPD and our favorite curmudgeon from the state attorneys office), why didn't anyone pick this up?  The most common sentiment was that all the signatures were executed by the same person except the last three which were the ones that Mr. Barrera submitted to the police as a sample of his real signature.  The other common opinion was that the signatures were all executed by the same person, yet no one was able to buy into the theory that all the signatures with the exception of samples F through L were executed by the same person, why wasn't anyone able to come to that conclusion?  


There in lies the rub folks, buying into the hypothesis that only signatures F through L are forgeries is an insult to our readers intelligence.  If we don't buy this nonsense, how could anyone in law enforcement have?  Even worse, how could ASA Kostrzewski have believed this nonsense?  We'll look into this mess in further detail tomorrow, there's a pretty embarrassing explanation for all of this.

Until then, let's enjoy this short video from a recent wedding reception that illustrates the dangers of mixing Russians, vodka and guns...

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  1. Jesus Christ. That was shocking, even though I was expecting it. Idiots.