Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Where are we at? Has anything that we've written about made a difference?

After several months of writing about the misdeeds of a half ass Detective and a prosecutor of questionable morals and ethics, where are we at?  It looks to us that we've uncovered all kinds of misconduct by the cop and now we seem to be unearthing the misdeeds of the prosecutor.  What difference does it make?  Does anyone care?  Or worse, will anyone do anything about it?  Has it all been an exercise in futility?

To answer those questions, first we have to ask ourselves, who's reading our blog?  Aside from the loyal group of about a hundred or so followers that log on daily, who else is reading?  At the very least we know from the New Times article a few months back that the State Attorneys Office is reading...
Via spokesman Ed Griffith, Kostrzewski declined to comment. "We are aware of the blog," Griffith says.
 Through our sources in the criminal courthouse we know ASA Bill Kostrzewski has been ranting and raving about different things we've been writing about and we're certainly aware of the members of the mainstream media that have been reading our rants.  We're also aware of several different law enforcement agencies (other than the MDPD) that have been following our story, from the Department of Justice all the way down to the I.R.S., what difference does it make?  Are these people reading just for the hell of it or are they following along in order to build cases against the people that we're writing about?  Is anything that we're doing making a difference?  Hard to know for sure, but after all the ranting and raving we've done about prosecutorial misconduct and prosecutor Kostrzewski playing hide and go seek with evidence all of a sudden the other day while checking John Romney's court docket we come across this...

You see that?  Item #88, 3/16/2010, amended discovery.  What's that about?  What's this "amended discovery"?  Could this be some new evidence that the MDPD just unearthed?  Perhaps some new testimony that the state attorneys office coaxed out of a witness?  Or could it be some evidence that Mr. Kostrzewski had been hiding from the defense that he's had since the inception of the case?

What do you guys think?  Any guesses?  Our money is on Kostrzewski.  We'll do our best to get our hands on this "amended discovery" today and see exactly whats there.  Until then though, check out this cool audio recording (you'll have to turn up the volume)...

Lot's of fun on the way folks!

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  1. When's the trial? Introducing new evidence right before trial is an age old scumbag prosecutor trick. Probably a bombshell in that discovery.