Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Even multi billionaire drug kingpins need mortgages!

So I'm sitting in an attorneys reception area yesterday and I start chatting with a middle aged Hispanic woman sitting next to me.  Our conversation ranges from politics to real estate and the woman let's me know that she used to live on North Bay road in Miami Beach back in the early 80's, I didn't think anything of it, she get's called in and we end our conversation.  No big deal, just idle chit chat, a little later my appointment comes up and the attorney asks me if I knew who the woman that I was talking to was to which I reply "no".  Turns out the woman was one of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar's  favorite mistresses.  YIKES!

This encounter piqued my curiosity, so after a little research I found that the home on North Bay road that the woman was referring to was actually Escobar's waterfront home located at 5860 North Bay Road that he purchased in March of 1980.  

Cool.  I wondered, how do people like Escobar handle mundane real estate transactions like this?  From the Miami Dade County Clerks office we find the deed for the purchase of the home oddly enough in Mr. Escobar's own name...

Deed for Pablo Escobars Home at 5860 North Bay Road                                                            

Bizarre that someone of Escobar's standing would actually have a home in his own name, but what's even stranger is that Mr. Escobar had a mortgage on his home...

Deed for Pablo Escobars Home at 5860 North Bay Road                                                            

True to form though, just three months later Mr. Escobar pays off his mortgage as evidenced by this satisfaction of mortgage recorded with the clerks office...

Pablo Escobar Satisfaction of Mortgage                                                              
Cool trivia if nothing else and a perfect example of how you never know who you might be sitting next to in the Magic City...

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