Monday, October 11, 2010

Christopher Columbus the con man?

Here we are on this quasi holiday, some government offices are open, some are closed, some schools are open, some are closed, WTF kind of holiday is this?  Perhaps one befitting a man that history has suggested to be a con man?  Last Columbus day we discussed the commonly known fact that despite what we were taught in school, Christopher Columbus was not the first person to discover the Americas and now we learn that he was a fraud as well, from Professor Emeritus at Kent State University, Dr Kwame Nantambu...
"...Christopher Columbus was a smooth, slick, deceiving operator. He had many aliases; he was a con-man. In Italy, he was known as Cristoforo Colombo; in Portugal, he used thename Cristovao Colom; in Spain, he was Cristo Colombo."
Intriguing, why would this Columbus have so many aliases?  We're going to discover over the next few days, that one of the central figures in our blog has also developed a new alias for himself in order to get out from under his criminal history and to create a new persona for himself, stay tuned...


  1. Miami christopher columbus Catholic high school? way to go Miami Catholics con artists/politicians.

  2. Who care's Columbus is cruel and an con-artist.