Monday, October 18, 2010

Prosecutor Bill Kostrzewski doesn't want anyone to talk to me!

That fucking sucks!  Why tell people not to talk to me Bill?  Whether at the end of an interview or at the end of a subpoena, why can't they talk to me?  If they don't talk to me how am I supposed to find out about all the evidence that you've been hiding for the last two plus years?  If no one were to communicate with me how would I found out about all those pesky subpoenas that you would never want the public to find out about?  If no one were to talk to me how would I find out about those dirty underhanded career ending things that you've done behind your colleagues backs at the state attorneys office?  If no one were to talk to me how could I possibly find out the salacious details of that damn body wire?

Come on Bill, you think all the people that you've asked not to talk about the case were really going to stay quiet considering the magnitude of your misconduct over the last two or so years?  You know better than that.  I'll end this post with a saying that ASA Kostrzewski is so fond of using;
"You don't know what I know"
That's right Bill, you have no idea what I know and that alone should have you scared shitless.


  1. Whoever wrote this article please contact me..i have a story for you re: Bill K

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