Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Another mortgage fraud prosecution lead by Assistant State Attorney Bill Kostrzewski goes down in flames...

Last December we made mention of the Hilda E. Cardelle mortgage fraud case while we were on a search to find a single mortgage fraud prosecution that ended with jail time.  

As we noted back then, the first charge of mortgage fraud was dropped in less than a month after Ms. Cardelle was charged leaving only the first degree Grand Theft charge...

Based on what we saw on the docket at time, we were lead to believe that the case was going to be plead out, it turns out in fact that the case went to trial and guess what?  Ms Cardelle was acquitted by the court, in other words, the case never made it to jury, the judge dismissed the remaining charge citing lack of evidence of any wrong doing by Ms. Cardelle!  

You have to wonder, how did a case like this make it to trial when the judge herself determined that there was no evidence to prove any wrong doing on the part of the defendant?  Anyone want to guess who the prosecutor was that put this case together?

Oh boy.  We're going to have to take a closer look at this one.  Congratulations to Ms. Cardelle and her defense attorney for bringing another Kostrzewski helmed mess to an end.

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