Monday, November 22, 2010

Have your civil rights been violated lately?

We all remember the Rodney King beating from back in the early '90's right?  Pretty hard to forget watching that poor defenseless man getting the shit beat out of him by several uniformed cops while the cameras were rolling.

This past Halloween we had the displeasure of watching a similar scene unfold here in Coconut Grove, Florida.  Take a look...

Amazing how all those other cops stood by as a small handful repeatedly pummeled the poor guy in the face.  The one thing that all the media outlets keep repeating is how the mans "Civil Rights" were violated by the cops that were beating the crap out of him.  While I don't disagree about the cops violating the suspects "Civil Rights", it wasn't the first thing that popped into my mind while watching the cops going to town on this guy's face.  When I think about "Civil Rights" violations, I think of cops fabricating evidence or prosecutors hiding evidence, I guess at the end of the day whether your getting the shit physically beat out of you by law enforcement or being prosecuted by a dirty cop or prosecutor, it's all the same.

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