Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Guess who's going to help decide who becomes the next City of Miami Police Chief?

I just about fell out of my seat when I heard who's going to help pick the next City of Miami Police Chief, from the Herald article...

Ten candidates have made the list of finalists to become Miami’s next police chief, following the spectacular firing two months ago of disgraced former Chief Miguel Exposito.
Among the contenders: a retired high-level state police special agent, several prominent former Miami police command staffers and the man who replaced Exposito in an interim role.
A selection committee headed by Miami-Dade Police Director Jim Loftus will begin interviewing finalists Wednesday, and will continue next week.
So far so good, I have the utmost respect for the Miami Dade County Police Director, James Loftus, he's alright by me.
The finalists are: Adam L. Burden, Thomas W. Cannon, Frank G. Fernandez, Michael J. Gugliotti, Rafael P. Hernandez Jr., Roberto Hylton, Manuel Orosa, Amos Rojas Jr., Gerald Speziale Jr., and Louis A. Vega.
Earlier this month, the selection committee picked the finalists from 71 applicants. Nearly 50 had already submitted their applications before Exposito was fired; his contract had been set to expire at the end of the year.
A sharply divided city commission voted to fire Exposito on Sept. 12. City Manager Johnny Martinez had suspended the ex-chief six days earlier for insubordination, saying Exposito overstepped his authority by moving forward with administrative demotions the manager had explicitly placed on hold.
We all remember that circus don't we?
The list of finalists features several candidates that are well known in South Florida law enforcement circles.
Orosa, considered a candidate before Exposito was named chief, has headed the department in an interim position. Burden and Cannon, former Miami assistant police chiefs, retired after Exposito demoted them and a slew of others in December 2009.
Fernandez is the former deputy chief under Chief John Timoney. Vega, a former assistant chief under Timoney, also served as the police director in Camden, N.J.
Rojas recently retired as FDLE’s regional special agent in charge after eight years in the post. Hernandez, a former Miami-Dade police officer, served as chiefs of police in Sweetwater and most recently, North Miami Beach.
Gugliotti is the longtime chief of police in Waterbury, Conn. Hylton, the former police chief in Prince George’s County, Md., is listed as law enforcement advisor to the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
Speziale is the former sheriff of Passaic County, N.J., who later became the deputy superintendent of the New York-New Jersey Port Authority.
Blah, blah, blah...
The selection committee is made of Loftus and Addy Villanueva, now the special agent in charge of FDLE’s South Florida office; Hugo Barrera, the special agent of Miami’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives...
Sounds good up until here...
...and Maurice Kemp, Miami’s fire chief.

Chief Mo Kemp
Maurice Kemp, the City of Miami Fire Chief is going to help pick out the next Police Chief?  This would be the same Maurice Kemp who sent his former assistant Fire Chief Veldora Arthur home collecting over $100k while under federal indictment!  The same Veldora Arthur who was rumored to receive preferential treatment throughout her career because of her alleged personal relationship with Chief Kemp?  This guy should be looking for a job himself rather than sitting on a committee that's going to pick out the next police chief!
Committee members will conduct the interviews with five people appointed by city commissioners to ask questions an provide input. But only the four committee members will pick the top five finalists.
From those choices, Manager Martinez will select the next chief.
Another bullshit dog and pony show.  There is no doubt in my mind that Mayor Regalado and his cronies have already picked interim police chief Orosa to be the next police chief, what we're seeing here with this selection committee is a sham proceeding to make it look like Orosa was chosen through a fair and equitable selection process.  Hopefully I'm wrong but somehow I doubt it.


  1. Regalado needs a puppet as a chief not one that will go against all of his friends and family scams. The Chief has already been chosen and the smoke and mirrors are out.

  2. It does not matter who is going to help in decideing the next chief of police. As we all know the next police chief will be a Cuban-American qualified or not. This my friends is one of the many problems we have here in Miami where Hispanics qualified or not get these high paying jobs because they or their family came from Cuba.

  3. Kemp is the most UNQUALIFIED appointed Fire Chief, Miami has ever had, in it's history !!!! And as for Veldora, well let's just say, I'm saving the real bad stuff for the book and there is alot. She is one of the most hated persons to have ever worked for the Fire Dept, and she would have NEVER been hired in the first place, if it had not been for the Concent Decree, which was eventually overturned by the Sup. Court. You can bet, there are hundreds of current and retired Fire Department employees, firefighters and Officers, who, let's say would NEVER have shown up at her sentencing or trial, except to cut her to shreds !! Man, my book will be great.